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  • 06.01.2019
  • by Sazilkree

Cory Wharton Gives Update on 'Serious' Taylor Selfridge Romance


Not only were they shocked by her announcement, but they were clueless as to who her baby daddy could be. Floyd made matters even messier by neglecting to acknowledge the child's father. While Wharton and Floyd's flirtation had been no secret, it was still a huge shock when fans learned their friendship had turned sexual away from the cameras … for a brief moment, at least. I look forward to co-parenting with you and giving Ryder all the love in the world. Even though there was an obvious attraction between the two of them, Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd never had intentions of having a long-lasting relationship. At the time, Wharton told Floyd, "I'm glad that you're home.

Cheyenne Floyd: I Don't Care Who Cory Wharton is Dating, Because ...

Now, Ryder's parents are clearing the air -- but some fans are still more than a little confused. Here's what we know so far:. Happy Family? For the most part, Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton seem to enjoy a very healthy co-parenting relationship.

But are they more than just friends? Making It Work. Cheyenne and Cory have always put their daughter's needs ahead of their own.

Their natural chemistry and the ease with which they seem to get along has raised questions about their relationship.

Cheyenne and cory dating

Cheyenne, Cory, Ryder. Cheyenne and Cory kept their relationship status a mystery throughout their first season on Teen Mom OG. Despite that, they quickly became fan favorites and the definition of CoparentingGoals.

The 'Teen Mom OG' star spoke out on Cory Wharton's relationship and had a big surprise of her own. The young mom is dating and she's. Later in the episode, Matt stepped aside to chat with Cheyenne's first baby daddy , Cory Wharton, about his future with her. Matt admitted that. Are Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton an item, or have Ryder's parents called it quits? Here's what we know about Teen Mom OG's most.

Through the Loop. So, everyone got thrown through the loop. The Results.

My sperm went right up, created a baby, man, and now I'm here. Enough of the T.

The newest 'Teen Mom OG' stars have big news for fans as they finally reveal their relationship status. Did you see this coming?.

What a complicated situation, but at least Wharton has accepted the challenge and embraced fatherhood percent. Still, when they started filming, Floyd was dating and living with a guy named Zach. And surprisingly, Wharton told Us Weekly he didn't mind that Floyd was in a relationship at all. It's all about [our daughter] Ryder. You know, if I had crazy love for Cheyenne, I'm sure I could confess my love, and be like, 'I want to be with you, and make this work.

Wharton also proudly proclaimed that he was single, but we wonder how Floyd feels about his lack of "crazy love" for her?

That's gotta be a huge blow to her ego. It would be for anyone!

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton: Strange things about their relationship back positive for him were slim because Floyd was dating and hooking up with her. Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd responds to the news that baby daddy Cory Wharton is dating Taylor Selfridge and teases news of her own. Cory Wharton's Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge Will Be Part of 'Teen Mom OG Cory Wharton Great Relationship Respect Cheyenne Teen Mom OG.

Speaking of Cheyenne Floyd's relationship with another man, she and Cory Wharton are very honest about their love lives. Like, super honest.

We're still learning how to not cross certain boundaries with each other and we're still learning," she told the publication. Still, there's a possibility that they'll kick their other prospects to the curb one day.

When you have a kid with somebody, that door is always open," Wharton told the Domenick Nati Show. The door remaining ajar sucks for anyone else they may date in the future, but does anyone else get the feeling that Wharton and Floyd really do want to be together?

What's the hold up? Most couples can't wait to celebrate their child's first birthday, and Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton are no different. The joyous occasion was complete with a miniature horse, a yummy cake, lots of music, and all of the family and friends who have supported the trio along the way.

It was certainly a day Floyd and Wharton will remember forever. And Floyd told Us Weekly they were planning another huge blowout that same year, too.

Cheyenne and Cory's end-of-season Teen Mom OG hookup is in the rear view mirror -- Chey has a "new bae" named Matt who she met. Cory shares month-old daughter Ryder with Cheyenne, who he met “The hardest part for me is dating,” the former Ex on the Beach star. “I get it, everyone wants the love story,” Cory Wharton told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, regarding his relationship with baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd. star, Taylor Selfridge, and he admitted that his close relationship with Cheyenne is definitely an obstacle in his romance.

She called the shindig the "one-year Cory party," and, while we think it's a novel idea, it sounds more like an excuse to just throw another party.

Either way, hopefully our invitation is in the mail … or that the Teen Mom OG cameras are rolling to capture it all, at least.

So, it's very refreshing to see Floyd and Cory Wharton getting along so swimmingly, with little to no disagreements about the way they co-parent their daughter. According to Floyd, they've managed to keep things civil because their relationship started out with a solid foundation based on friendship.

Finding out he was the father of Floyd's baby meant he briefly put his TV appearances on hold, and their friendship picked right back up where it left off. We just put everything to the side and said, 'Hey, it is what it is. Now we have a kid.

Cory Curves Cheyenne For Taylor Selfridge & Defends Her Racist Tweets

Let's focus on that,'" she said.


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