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  • 08.01.2019
  • by Faujin

Orange Is the New Black, Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Zelda & Piper - All Scenes - OITNB Season 7 (french subtitles)

It is the sixty-first episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 9, It was written by Jordan Harrison and directed by Erin Feeley. Red senses trouble , but the others are convinced she's just paranoid. Taystee and Black Cindy enlist an unlikely ally , and two old friends clash. In shots reminiscent of a slasher film, CO Piscatella - having broken into Litchfield with a pair of bolt cutters - lurks in darkened corners of the prison throughout the episode. Still in a lingering power struggle with Red , his goal is to kidnap members of her "family" without being detected.

Some background: At the end of season four, there's a full-on outrage because Caputo sides with CO Bayley in regards to Poussey's death at Litchfield. Although he isn't supposed to have a gun in the prison, CO Humphrey brings one in. He tries to reach for it during the chaos but drops it. Daya picks up the gun and we're left at the end of season four with her holding the gun on a kneeling Humps while a huge crowd of inmates is yelling around her. In the first episode of season five, Daya shoots Humphrey in the upper thigh, and blood quickly fills the floor.

No one on the outside knows about the shooting until Judy King is released from Litchfield, goes on television, and lets it slip. Daya turns herself in shortly after. As for Humps, he ends up dying episodes later after complications in the prison hospital ward.

The inmates take the correction officers hostage as a bargaining tool for their demands — including Flamin' Hot Cheetos, free tampons, and justice for Poussey Washington, as well as better prison conditions and treatment. Linda is in the prison when the riot starts, and she hides in a bathroom stall. Luckily for her, she runs into Piper and Alex and convinces them to take her under their wing.

They give her prison clothes and help her come up with a backstory to blend in. Linda becomes involved with Big Boo Lea DeLaria and in episode of 11 of season five, the two kiss in the bathroom.

But then, Boo finds her phone, sees a picture of Linda with Caputo, and starts to put everything together. She doesn't tell Linda what she sees until later, but then Boo exposes her to the prison and they throw things at her.

Gloria's son ends up in the ICU after a bunch of thugs jump him. Caputo tells Gloria that he could try to get her furlough if she releases the hostages, aka the prison guards.

Gloria comes up with a plan to get them out and tells Maria Ruiz about it. More on this later. One by one, Piscatella takes inmates, ties them up, and traps them in a room in the prison. He sets out to make an example out of Red and cuts her hair with a knife, exposing her scalp and causing her to bleed. Nicky makes a comment about how he must have had a messed up childhood and Piscatella slaps her across the face.

Alex tries to attack him with a small pair of scissors she is able to inch around her back, but Piscatella stops her, then breaks her arm. Who do you think they're going to believe?

Boo is part of Linda's attempt to blend in, but when Boo saves her life to the next level by hooking up with Bitchfield's number-one stud. I'm tempted to say it's worth it for Ouija's set of impressions at the open mic, but OITNB. Linda Ferguson is the new senior VP for MCC and one of the main OITNB · About · Piper Kerman · Orange Is the New Black (TV Show) · Orange Is the . It is eventually revealed that she has never actually set foot in a real prison, This leads to Boo realising that she is being used, whereupon she breaks up with her. Who Plays Young Daya on OITNB Season 5? Linda becomes involved with Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) and in episode of 11 of season five, Lorna Morello Muccio's on-again, off-again hookup with Nicky is on again one more.

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Daya and Daddy - all scenes from OITNB Season 6

July 23, She shows up in this episode only to ask Alex why others are copying her by dragging their beds onto the lawn. The reason, of course, is that Alex told them she's a murderer. And while Alex doesn't mention the dead guard by name, Piper's angry that she has revealed this part of herself to the others at all. As for Coates, he's quickly able to escape the prison, thanks to the gun. But when he walks out the door, he unwittingly enters the press conference where Taystee and Judy were speaking.

Coates faints in surprise before being flanked by officers. Will he finally be brought to justice? Episode 6.

Finally, some comic relief. The sixth episode opens with Pennsatucky being held in solitary confinement, with the other inmates chanting that she should be sent to the "Poo. Boo tells the others that Doggett has the right to a fair trial, and they reluctantly agree.

In a ridiculous mock trial scene, Boo tries to discredit Angie by saying Saved By the Bell can't be her "favorite" if she doesn't remember a certain episode. Much to Leanne's chagrin, the others decide to punish Doggett to "community service," because "one crime does not define a person.

Outside the prison, it looks like Coates might not be punished for having the gun after all — we see him in a shock blanket, saying he knows nothing and wants to go home. And Bayley is having suicidal thoughts; he attempts to take his own life by drinking the dog hair dye from his father's dog salon, but it turns out to be non-toxic. When his parents tell him he needs help, Bayley is relieved, saying he needs to be locked up. And Aleida does appear on TV, but her frequent use of curse words renders her message incoherent.

The governor's office, meanwhile, has decided to send boxes of supplies to the prison, including Hot Cheetos, Takis, and tampons. Taystee and the others are excited to see that some of their demands are being met. In a flashback, we see Taystee's group home mother tell her that her birth mother has reached out. An year-old Taystee meets her birth mother, Mia, in a public park, and Mia explains that she sent her to the system because she was only 15 when she got pregnant and had no parents, home, or money.

Taystee is disappointed to learn Mia hasn't told her new husband and younger daughter about her, eventually slamming her against a car before running away from the group home. In the present day, Janae has decided to help Brook deal with her anger at the prison system over Poussey's death. She takes Brook running outside, saying that eventually, all you'll be able to think about is the pain in your legs.

No longer in charge of handing out medicine, Nicky's taken up providing advice to other inmates. When Lorna comes to Nicky to discuss her recent dreams, the two end up having sex. Lorna notices her nipples are darker, which she assumes means she's pregnant.

OITNB’s Beth Dover Talks Linda’s Big Season 5 Flashback, Why Season 6 Will Be Like Season 1

Nicky tells Lorna that she's "batshit crazy" and needs help. The women are skeptical at first, but Frieda reveals that she's found access to a secret room with couches, shuffleboard, and other recreational activities. Frieda calls herself a "survivalist," and after seeing all of the space and food she's secured, the others are happy to join her and "retire from all that nonsense out there.

And in a change of heart, Maria has decided to join Alex's group of women sitting the riot out on the lawn. Caputo's words put her prison sentence in perspective; she wants to get out as soon as possible to see her daughter again. Piper doesn't love that Alex is the leader of the outside group, but she finds a new role for herself with Taystee. Nita Gita Reddya rep from the governor's office, calls the prison to discuss the hostage situation, saying the snacks were an "act of good faith.

Piper relishes in the chance to have power and helps collect them.

When Nicky doesn't return, Red gets up to search for her and finds the dropped Carrie Black ("Boo") leads her prison hookup Linda Ferguson (who she still. We also found out last season Linda had never even set foot in a prison of satisfying to see Linda trapped inside Litchfield, finally getting a up close look Boo seems to like Linda, too — Linda volunteers to help Boo carry. OITNB's Beth Dover Talks Linda's Big Season 5 Flashback, Why Season 6 Will One of Season 5's twists for Linda includes a relationship with Big Boo (Lea Catch up with season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. film by Alejandro Landes, it's a gritty film set in Columbia featuring a group of.

Once all of the snacks are collected, Cindy, Taystee, Allison, and Piper set fire to them in front of the prison and all of the reporters gathered there. If the show needed a way to keep Piper at Litchfield longerthis stunt could definitely add time to her sentence. Because the show can't be too funny, though, the humor is balanced out with a bittersweet scene at the end of the episode.

We see a flashback to Taystee's first day at Litchfieldwhen she met Poussey in the library. Episode 7. Apparently, Pennsatucky's idea of community service is handing out her mom's "yellow drink," which is made from soaking candy bars in water. The other inmates love it, and it looks like she's finally back in their good graces other than Leanne's, that is.

But now that Suzanne is out of the medical unit, she's not adjusting well to the riot; she believes her parents are at Litchfield for visitation. Allison says that to help with her mental illness, they should recreate the living conditions she's used to in the prison. She and Cindy create "Bitchfield," a prison within the prison to make Suzanne feel at home.

It doesn't work without other inmates, though, so they borrow the hostage COs, forcing them to do count and make their beds according to the rigid instructions the inmates are subject to.

And, surprisingly, Piper and Taystee are still working together after the Cheetos fire.

Piper suggests they do something "constructive," so Taystee suggests they make a memorial for Poussey. After listening to a litany of bad ideas from the other inmates — Maureen is intent on making hair dolls — they give Brook's idea a chance.

Brook gathers the books from around the prison and creates a living library: a hallway filled with books that everyone can share. Less surprisingly, Lorna's pregnancy announcement doesn't go as planned. She calls Vinnie to tell him the news, but he hangs up and says he's coming to rescue her from the riot before she can get the words out. When he arrives and sees Lorna's promposal-inspired banner about a "lasagna in the oven," he gets back in his car and drives away.

On the whole, the inmates are coming together and getting along during the riot. There are people selling handmade necklaces and offering pube-braiding services, and inmates are trading tampons for candy and other provisions.

The white supremacists even get along with some of the Latina women, setting up a makeshift coffee shop, complete with an open mic performance space.

Oitnb boo and linda hook up

And Flaca and Maritza have moved on from their beauty tutorial videos to giving other people makeovers — first off are Blanca, Nicky, and Alex. Of course, there's plenty of sex going on in this time of peace, too — Boo and Linda consummate their budding romance, and Piper and Alex have sex in the episode as well. Red and Blanca are still missing all the fun, though. Having uncovered Piscatella's history, they've moved on by attempting to unlock Humphrey's phone — and they eventually succeed by cutting his finger off.

After relaxing with Frieda's group, Gloria realizes she's missed a number of text messages — her son Benny is in the hospital. Episode 8. Red and Blanca's plan to trap Piscatella and force a confession from him has run into some snares. The duo uses Humphrey's phone to text Piscatella, asking for his help on the inside.

It's not a bad plan — Piscatella is fed up with being overpowered by the governor's office and the others on the outside. When he tells the riot gear-clad officers outside that he's been in contact with Humphrey, they remind him that the governor wants them to negotiate. Piscatella, though, stands firm in his opinion that the inmates shouldn't be "rewarded. Nicky tells Red to let the drugs wear off before taking any action, reminding her that her idea could "get us all killed.

She sets a Home Alone -style trap for Piscatella, but ends up falling on it herself. Meanwhile, the governor's office is bringing in the big guns.

Apparently, the governor has personally asked former assistant warden Natalie Figueroa Alysia Reiner to negotiate with the inmates. She tells Taystee and the others that the private prison budget doesn't allow MCC to meet the inmates' demands, but they've seen the MCC executives' salaries online and don't buy it.

Taystee tells Figueroa that the new guards need to be trained like the old ones were — to treat inmates with humanity. Unfortunately, Taystee's efforts might be for naught, thanks, again, to Judy King. King has decided to go on The Reviewinterviewed by Meredith Vieira playing herselfto discuss her tribulations. Judy's husband warns her it's a bad idea to discuss the riot on TV before giving a statement on TV, but she ignores him.

To Judy's dismay, though, Aleida is being interviewed in the segment, too. To her credit, Judy does say Poussey's name, but Aleida is quick to criticize Judy for talking about the prison, since she wasn't subject to the same conditions the rest of the inmates were.

Judy then makes the mistake of mentioning the fact that Humphrey was shot. It's a fact that the press, and MCC, wasn't aware of yet — and Judy follows up by telling Aleida that it was Daya who shot him.

Technically, Judy tells her it was the "Spanish girl who doesn't speak Spanish," but Aleida recognizes that it was her daughter. Aleida calls Gloria, who passes the phone to Daya, telling her to take responsibility for her actions. Unfortunately, Daya's not the only one affected by Judy's statement. Figueroa gets a phone call about the news and tells Taystee that amnesty for all inmates isn't an option now that they know a guard was shot, and that the riot is therefore not peaceful.

Piper and some of the others decide Daya should turn herself in so everyone isn't punished for the riot and will still have a chance at amnesty. Daya agrees, turning herself into Figueroa after calling Pornstache's mom and asking her to adopt her daughter out of the foster system.

After some pleading from her son, she agrees to raise the child as her own. And Caputo is still stuck in the Poo, but he's showed some small signs of humanity. After Gloria begs for his help to see Benny in the hospital, he tells her to use his office phone to call MCC. He's also joined in the Poo by Pennsatucky, who punches Angie after getting tired of the white supremacists pushing her around as punishment for Leanne's finger.

It looks like Piscatella is violating his agreement to stand down, too — in the end of the episode, we see the CO dressed in riot gear and picking the lock to one of the prison doors. Episode 9. Piscatella is, indeed, in the prison — and Red's not wrong to call him the bogeyman. Tired of waiting for instruction, the CO breaks into the prison, and starts kidnapping the inmates, one by one. Piscatella starts with Blanca, who puts up a noble fight, before moving on to Boo, Nicky, Piper, and Alex.

The consequences of Nicky's capture, in particular, are dire: Lorna is the only one handing out the inmates' prescription medications, and she decides that Suzanne doesn't need hers, because "crazy is just a word people invented to keep the extra interesting people down. Red is determined to convince the others that Piscatella's in the prison, even if no one else believes her. But when she finds Frieda's note in her cookbook, she thinks "Looking for your people?

While Red is looking for the missing inmates, Taystee, Cindy, and Janae look for reinforcements for their negotiations with Figueroa. Cindy and Janae free Caputo to help with the negotiations, unaware of his history with Fig.

Also unaware of their romantic past? Linda, who approaches the Porta Potty section looking for Caputo. Chang Lori Tan Chinn informs her that he's not there — and also somehow knows he was once sleeping with Fig?

It's possible that Pennsatucky also heard Linda, and she might be able to use her identity as an MCC employee against her later on. Pennsatucky's not the only one who's onto Linda, though. And two other people recognize Linda as the "hostage" Piper and Alex had first captured. Sensing that her disguise is fading, Linda interrupts the negotiations to beg Caputo for help.

Instead of taking pity on his former flame, he tells Figueroa and the other inmates that she's a recent transfer from the psych ward. Still, it's not clear how long Caputo will actually be on Taystee's side.

This episode's negotiations focused not on justice for Poussey, but on the prison's lack of an education program. Figueroa argues that the construction work was a "life skills" experience, while Caputo tells her it was a chain gang. It's easy for him to be on the inmates' side here, but will he defend them when it comes to Bayley? Regardless of the demands, it looks like Maria's not the only one who wants the riot to end.

Gloria uses Caputo's office phone to call MCC, and the man in charge tells her that she can see her son if she frees the hostages. So she might have a hand in the riot's ending. The episode ends with Red challenging Piscatella after finding his hostages. Her willpower is strong, but he's got a lot more force and equipment than she does, so it's probably not going to end well.

Episode With three episodes to go, the riot's end seems nowhere in sight. Figueroa and Caputo's negotiations have taken a sexual turn and made almost no progress. But unbeknownst to MCC and most of the inmatesthere's a second hostage situation going on. Piscatella still has six women captive in a closet, and he's not showing Red any mercy.

The sadistic CO cuts off her hair, saying he'll show her prison family who she really is.


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