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  • 03.01.2019
  • by Mikara

Roy Harper/Felicity Smoak - Works . Archive of Our Own

Oliver & Felicity ? Roy & Thea -- Give Me Love (+Kate)

Roy came into the basement like a hurricane, a swirl of negative energy and destruction. Felicity watched him warily as he stripped off his hoodie and threw it on the ground by the mats, before he lunged at the punching bag with bare knuckles. The punches subsided and he leaned against the bag, his forehead resting on the leather. His breathing was rapid and heavy, and it took a few deep breaths before he was able to get the word out. Felicity nodded understandingly.

Little did they know, they're in for a surprise Oliver is still missing after setting off to duel Ra's al Ghul. The team works on moving on, which is a lot easier said than done. Felicity encourages Roy to reconnect with Thea, while dealing with her own relationship issues. Then a mystery pregnancy test shows up positive and everyone's emotions and relationships are put to the test. They hardly had to watch Oliver. He was like a robot, Roy thought.

He went through all the motions: eating, showering, sleeping. He did his katas before he brushed his teeth. But he was watching them. Roy could feel his eyes on the back of his head. His wolf was getting irritated by it. Drabble Prompt: Oliver and Thea live together. They're siblings and roommates in a loft, so they have a system probably when Olicity gets together or Thearoy get together, that they alternate days on when significant others get to spend the night.

So like, maybe they get their days mixed up, and Oliver wakes up to find Thea in Roy's Arsenal jacket and has a conniption. Roy hears the commotion, comes down to the kitchen shirtless and starts blanching out and then Felicity comes out now, in Oliver's Arrow jacket just like Thea's wearing Roy's. And they all just look at each other, come to a small understanding, and is like "we never speak of this again and redo our calendar tonight.

Felicity : f. English given name; happiness. Derived from Latin word felicitas ; luck, good fortune. But they worked differently. They weren't fighting crime every night. In scribbles the word Siberia was written followed by a bunch of question marks. Oliver grabbed the paperwork and threw it on the desk. I'm going to text Roy. Roy grabbed another box from the back and brought it around to the bar. He tapped the bartender on the back.

The bartender thanked him. His phone buzzed.

A text from Oliver. We need you downstairs. You're supposed to be training. Roy rolled his eyes. Oliver was never one was pleasantries. He scanned the club looking for Thea to let her know he was heading out, but instead his eyes found a familiar blonde.

Felicity was dancing and laughing with someone he didn't recognize. The stranger grinned and his hands moved from her lower back to her rear. He pulled her closer to him. Roy's eyes widened. He quickly texted Thea that he leaving and rushed toward the basement door. He punched in the code he had memorized and rushed down the stairs.

Oliver and Sarah were whispering in the corner and Diggle was sitting at Felicity's computer. Did they know she was upstairs dancing unusually close with a stranger? Roy chuckled. She told me to keep myself and Thea out of it until they were out of town. She looks out for Team Arrow, you know. Team Arrow Mom. There was a break in tonight, at Starling City Bank," Oliver said from the dummy.

We're training. We also have a new guy to take down. Oliver turned to Arrow mode quickly. Diggle pulled up the footage and played it on the bigger screen. He hit the dummy like Oliver was, trying to control his strength.

Felicity probably knows what he's doing…". Everyone looked at him. She looked a little tipsy. Diggle clicked on camera 5 making it full screen.

Roy's stressed, Felicity is the root of his frustration, and Oliver is a . at both of them, he calmly spoke, "Roy, Oliver and Felicity are not dating. Oliver, Diggle, and Roy, who were the current occupants of the basement If he found out later that she was a date rape victim at his club. Felicity decides to make some changes after finding out about Oliver & Sara. John D./Spartan, Felicity S./Overwatch, Roy H./Arsenal - Chapters: 11 - Words: 50, - Reviews: .. He's dating the manger of the club.".

Felicity was grinding on the same stranger and his hands were touching every part of her. Oliver's eyes narrowed. He grabbed a shirt. I'm going to get her. Roy grabbed his arm. You're Oliver Queen. I'll get her and bring her down here. Sarah touched Oliver's arm lightly. I'll go with him. Roy and Sarah walked back to the club and into the crowd of dancers. Roy nodded and pointed. He walked over to the dancing couple and lightly touched Felicity's arm.

Sarah stood behind him.

One afternoon Felicity Smoak was taking a nap in her king sized bed only to be "Why didn't you tell me Roy was dating Thea Queen?. Roy sets up Felicity on one date and it ends up spiraling into an online dating scheme. Felicity agrees on one condition - Roy has to tell Oliver. He wasn't aware that Felicity and Roy started dating. His fingers curled to a fist at his side, trying to prevent himself from giving Roy a knuckle.

Felicity squealed and enveloped Roy in a hug. My friend. He's dating the manger of the club. Damon chuckled. Felicity finally saw Sarah standing behind Roy. Remember, sexy Sarah. Sarah's eyes widened and she blushed. Damon sized Sarah up, drinking her in and turned to Felicity. He wrapped his arm around Felicity. It was Felicity's turn to blush. Roy took her arm this time. I promised Oliver. Felicity frowned and turned to Damon. They're going to make me go.

Roy, he's strong. So is Sarah. I'm the weak one. But they keep me around for my brains. Damon grabbed her waist and kissed her. His hand clutched her hip and pulled her closer leaving no space in between their bodies. His other hand was on her head, as he kept them locked into place.

They finally broke apart gasping for air. Tell the front desk you're there for Damon Salvatore," He leaned over and whispered in her ear. You don't have to be weak anymore Felicity Smoak. You can be stronger than all of them. I'm serious. Her mouth hung open at the thought, but not for long. He kissed her once more and walked away. Roy took her by the arm and led her down to the basement.

Sarah followed silently. When they got downstairs, Felicity scrunched her nose at the training mat at the center. Everyone was silent. Oliver stared at the monitor that was now black. Diggle stood awkwardly by her computers. I've had three double shots of Bourbon. I'm not drunk, but I'm for sure not sober. So I can't help with whatever crisis Team Arrow is dealing with right now. She crossed over the room, carefully avoiding the training mat and plopped down in her chair.

Nobody said anything. So Roy spoke up. Broke into three banks in the past two days. He has some tech that can open up any vault. Felicity shrugged.

I spend 9 hours a day being an executive assistant, while I'm qualified to run any IT department in the country," she said spitefully. I just needed a break…". Diggle reached for her blanket, which was thrown across one of the tables. She kept shivering as Diggle explained to her the break in at the bank and showed her the footage. She drank two bottles of water sobering up. Oliver still hadn't spoken a word to her. Suddenly she felt something warm around her shoulders. Out of the corner of her eye she saw it was Roy's red hoodie.

She rewatches the footage again from all three robberies. Dig, Sarah and Oliver were sparring on the training mat and trading scar stories. Roy sits next to her and says to her, "You are important you know. Nobody think you're weak. Felicity gave a small smile. Over the past couple of weeks, Roy had become a close friend of hers. That's sweet of you to say," She turned to look at the trio training.

Roy squeezed her shoulder before heading to Sarah, Dig, and Oliver. Oliver started explaining the sparring, putting him and Sarah on a team against Roy and Diggle. She felt… left out.

She couldn't fight. Exchange scar theories. She wasn't physically strong like the four of them. Suddenly a name popped up. Felicity's frowned. Sarah had run his image through the sexual predator's database. Why didn't she think of that? She couldn't fight and Sarah was better at computers now. Felicity felt a drop in her stomach. She continued her original explanation.

The tech is normal tech that any thief uses to crack open a vault. However, look at his guys. He's telling them when to leave and counting.

He's got every second planned out. He knew once he tripped the alarm how much time it would take for the police to show. He left money in the vault. Felicity fast-forwarded the footage. He planned it out to the second. Oliver grabbed his bow. Her and I will go check it out. Roy, go home to Thea.

Felicity and Diggle, let me know if you find any other leads. Oliver barked order and everyone started moving. He came out of the bathroom fully dressed as the Arrow. He turned to Felicity. Her mouth dropped open in shock. She strolled up to him. I work for you, but I have my own life. You aren't the only one allowed to have a life," She handed him his earpiece. Sarah came out shortly after dressed in her black leather.

Felicity handed her the communication earpiece as well. Both heroes left the basement and Felicity slumped in her chair. She rested her head on the table and closed her eyes.

If Sarah was good at computers, why did they need her? That's all she was here for. She grabbed a hair tie off the desk and started to put her hair up. Dig looked shocked. He knew that the IT girl had feeling for Oliver, but never heard her talk about them before.

She shrugged it off and went back to the computer. She smiled sadly at the thought of Barry, still in a coma. She took a deep breath. I'm pretty sure he loves her. Her computers started beeping and an alarm started going off. Her screens went black and everything started to catch on fire around her. She screamed.

Roy and felicity dating fanfiction

She quickly grabbed her external hard drives and dumped them into a bag. Felicity struggled out of his grip and dumped a bunch of paperwork into the bag. The lights started bursting and electrical fires started. She jumped backward and Diggle led her out upstairs. He pushed the fire button from the outside, which started the sprinklers downstairs.

The door slammed and Felicity took a deep breath in. Their lair was going to be soaked and half the things would be ruined. And it was her fault. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Arrow. Post Heir to the Demon. She doesn't want to be weak anymore and when she meets a mysterious stranger who offers her a way to be stronger and faster - she takes it, without thinking of the consequences. Slightly OOC. And bourbon.

Lots of bourbon. She turned. Her mouth hung open. The bartender set her drink in front of her and she took a big swig. He signaled to Alex for another.

He grabbed her hand.

Hi, Roy," Oliver said, heading up the stairs again. "Are you comparing dating Thea to torture," Felicity said as she approached the bar, "cause. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. No, it was a proper date and he was held up like he said. Felicity Thea knew Felicity was Roy's sister even though they weren't blood related.

She bit her lip and blushed. Damon laughed.

So you have no idea who I'm talking about…" Her phone rang. She pressed the ignore button. She looked unsure. Welcome back Sarah.

Roy & Felicity - Wish I'd have known

I guess Oliver and Dig filled you in on my return.


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