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  • 08.01.2019
  • by Ninris

Rune Factory 4 Guide: Marriage

Rune Factory 4 Leon Proposal Event & Wedding

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I'm playing as a girl and I have vishanl at 16 hearts and we are dating and he hasn't popped the question even though I already did the sub event. I'm confused I've got both vishnal and dylas at 7 hearts and when I ask them out they both think it's a joke.

And I'm at the point where you have to go to Leon Karnak to get Leon. And someone said I had to be dating two people in order to get the marriage option if I'm female.

Vishnal has to be at, at least 9 hearts before you can ask him without him taking it as a joke. He has had many pranks pulled on him in the past, so it's very hard to actually become his girlfriend.

Okay I've already seen the sub-event for dylas smile I have him at 7 hearts along with vishnal. And he still thinks I'm joking what am I doing wrong? You actually don't have to do "the running sign" to marry dolce.

The only requirements for her marriage event are, that you have to be in arc 2. If you want to date anyone people say you need 7 hearts but actually you need at least hearts to become his or her boyfriend because if you do ask at 7 hearts they will not accept your love I know this from experience I all ready married both Leon child:Luna dylas child:Noel so you have to get them to 8 or 9 hearts.

But I need help I'm dating Kiel for three game years and I don't know why he won't pop the question do I need anything??? I have a double bed monster barns and all this stuff but I just can't get him to pop the damn question.

It actually depends on the person your deciding to date because I got Kiel, Dylas, Arthur, and Leon with only 7 hearts. I got Doug at 8 hearts and Vishnal at 9 hearts and for the girls I got everybody at 7 hearts except Xiao, Forte, and Dolce. Xiao was 8 hearts but, Forte and Dolce was 9 hearts. Just gonna ask. I already have Forte as my Girlfriend without triggering a knight's steed. Can you still trigger it even you already have her as a girlfriend because I'm really trying my best to open it but it doesn't activate.

I need help with getting vishnal. Also his hearts won't go up if u keep giving him the same thing it will just stay the same so try giving him things he likes and then the thing he loves. I see some people saying it has to be hearts. That isn't the case, you are correct : I have gotten each bachelor with 7 hearts, I usually save give them, their favorite meal and then confess, reset until they accept, but thank you for saying how to trigger an event How do I trigger Dylas' sub-events?

I've had him in my party for about a week in game time now. And he's currently my boyfriend in the game. I also have him at 13 LP's. And who is kiel you have been game dating? Kiel is Forte brother btw just in case u didn't know we r talking about Rune Factory 4. I just read your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Keep update with your blogs.

Nice blog. Thank you for sharing Good Information. Still in the second arc. I'm dating Dylas, Doug, Leon and Kiel. How can I marry someone? Any of them wanna ask me.

I think I already see Dylas' subevent I dont remember with the others ones, but i don't know what to do! Thank u For Sharing more information Help I can't trigger a favor repaid Dylas is 7LP 9 for porcelline 14to margaret and 7 to Arthur Any way to trigger the event? So many grammar error! All the requirements you need to get married will be explained. You will need to get your LP love points with the character you want to marry at 7 or higher. This is a must players, while you can go about to all the marriagable boys if you are playing a girl or ladies if you are playing a boy and see all of their events this will reset after you propose or get a reverse proposal.

Now if you have triggered the Sub-event will be explained further down. To see if one of these is triggered, go to your diary and see if there is a town event option. If there is, then you can click it and see which characters are involved. Now to confess yourself all you have to do is press the R-trigger button while talking to the candidate you wish to marry.

Now you can NOT break up with them after the confession event so make sure you are positive in your choice. You can have more then one lover at the same time, with no penalties to your LP. Now if you are dating more then one person at a time and get married, all your lovers will go back to being friends with you, with no LP decrease. Now if your candidate is not taking you seriously or is rejecting your advances I know its a pain in the tush, but its far easier this way.

You can also keep trying. Go talk to Vishnal.

He will mention that he is worried about Forte and so is Clorica. Go talk to Clorica. Clorica says Forte has been staring into space a lot recently. Go talk to Forte again. The next day go talk to Forte again. Forte decides to leave town for awhile to focus on training. She will then prepare to leave. Later that day go to your room and Forte will stop by. After that Forte is gone and Lest will decide to ask around to try and figure out where the dojo Forte intends to visit is.

Talk to Kiel and he'll tell you about a hut near Obsidian Mansion. Go there and from there move down one area. You'll get another scene with Forte. After the scene is over talk to her. You will then have to fight a pack of monsters. They have a couple thousand HP so they can be pretty strong depending on your level and which difficulty you're on. After the fight Forte will say that she can't return yet. Go back to town and at the gate you'll get a scene with Bado.

It turns out Kiel is sick and Bado wants Lest to go tell Forte about it. Go back to where Forte is and talk to her. You and Forte go to the clinic where Kiel is resting. After the scene talk to Bado you might have to talk to Forte first then Bado.

The next day Kiel will be released from the clinic. He just leaves and goes back to his normal schedule and I think that's all that happens. The day after that talk to Forte again and she will mention that she is worried about Kiel. Kiel and Vishnal seem to be hiding something from her. Talk to Kiel and Vishnal. They don't say much about it. The next day or maybe you can get it in the same day I just got it the next day walk towards Forte's house when Forte and Kiel are inside you'll get a scene.

Kiel runs off.

Talk to Forte and the two of you will go on a walk to her training ground. The two of you go but right outside of town you run into Bado. After that scene you can head to the place near Obsidian Mansion. When you are there another scene will happen. During the scene Bado interrupts to tell Forte Kiel collapsed again. Before you can head to town there is another fight so again make sure you are prepared. Forte leaves to go see Kiel at your urging but Bado stays to help fight.

After the battle you and Bado can go back to town. Forte will be outside the clinic. Talk to her. After your go inside the clinic and you'll get a scene with Vishnal where he apologizes and leaves. Talk to Kiel after that. Once you're done talking to Kiel talk to Forte when she is in her house. Vishnal will then come and explain what has been going on with Kiel. AFter that scene Forte will step out for some fresh air.

She'll go to the lake in town. Go talk to her and she'll invite you back to the training grounds. Go with her and you'll talk some more.

Forte will get sad and run off. Go back to town and talk to Bado. Choose to ask about Forte and Kiel. You'll get a letter left by Forte's father and a key. Talk to Forte and Kiel and ask them both what the key might be for. They each give you different answers so you have to go ask Bado about it.

He tells you about the hut near the Obsidian Mansion. Go back there again.

Rune factory 4 dating and marriage

Enter the hut and examine the back wall. You'll find some scribbles that look like a map. Read the map and it tells you to go south from the hut. Go to the place where Forte kept going to train and you'll be able to examine the center of the area.

You'll find a music box and you can use the key to open it. You find Forte's mother's journal inside and read some of it.

Rune Factory 4 Dylas Proposal Event & Wedding

You then go back to Forte's house and give it to her. The next day speak with Forte and then go to the Dragon Room in the castle. After the scene talk to Forte.

After that the event is over and you can propose to Forte if you've completed her other events. Event Participants: Margaret, Porcoline It starts with people talking about a Siren seen outside of town. Talk to some people and then talk Meg who will ask you if you've heard about the rumor if she doesn't ask you about it try talking to some more people. She will decide to check it out and you can let her go or choose to go with he I said I'd go with her.

Leave town with her and yMeg will keep telling you which way to go each time you enter a new screen until you end up at the lake that is always summer.

Once you're at the lake you'll get a scene where Meg talks about the "Memories Thrown Into the Lake" event. She then talks about life in the Elven kingdom.

After the two of you leave the Siren shows up, it was there the whole time just hiding. The next day go to Meg's house when she's there and you'll get another scene.

She will ask you to leave her alone. Go talk to Porco. The two of you will talk and Porco will ask if you are willing to love Meg even it there will be pain I said yes.

Then the two of you go to see Meg. A scene happens that ends with Meg running away. After that scene Porco will ask you to help Meg I said I would.

Leave town and you'll find Meg she runs away again. She goes back to the summer lake. When you get there a short scene happens. It ends with Margaret being attacked by the siren and now she can't talk. Nancy asks you to talk to people around town to try and figure out if anyone has any ideas to help Meg she says she will tell everyone about what happened so why doesn't Nancy just ask them for ideas since she's talking to them anyways XD.

Talk to people and when you've gotten enough info Lest will suggest going to speak to Kiel since he is compiling the info together. It turns out the Siren was given a nickname by a man who was friends with her. Meg insists the two of you go back to her house. Once there you get the bottle you found during the "Memories Thrown Into the Lake" event. You have to go back to the lake. You get one final scene and Meg gets her voice back.

As far as the community aspect of the game goes, Rune Factory 4 has a dating system, leading up and potentially marrying factory beau and I say potentially, . Dating and Marriage Requirements (RF4). Log In Sign Up. Keep me dating in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account?. Rune factory 4 dylas dating requirements. rune factory 4 dating and marriage requirements. Till all the soil in the field Mist gave you. Night club.

After that the two of you go home and her sub event ends. Now you can propose to her if you've met the other requirements.

For Xiao, you do not need an engagement ring if you accept her proposal. DAY 1 Starts with talking to Xiao. Speak to Kiel. When Xiao is upstairs at the Bell Hotel, go upstairs, speak to her, and then go downstairs. This was my experience. I think you can simply walk in the front door after a bit and trigger the next part.

This is a long event. It took me 10 days but I think it can be done in 9. It took me around 2 hours to finish and that was with seriously abbreviated days. Day 1: It begins with Kiel, though he's not listed as a participant.

I'm not sure what exactly set this off but I found him in the center square one morning and began a conversation about a "charm" that's supposed to ensure a happy family the charm is writing your names on the tower at Leon Karnak.

Day 2: Speak to Dolce about the charm. There will be a three-way conversation between you, her and Pico. Day 3: Speak to Dolce again and suggest you go check to see if her name and Pico's are still written at Leon Karnak.

She'll want to go immediately. Once you leave town a scene will begin between Dolce and Nancy. Once you get to Leon Karnak check out a spot at the foot of the tower. A scene with Dolce and Pico begins. When it's over agree to take Dolce home, specifically all the way back to her room.

Speak to Dolce in her room and watch another scene between her and Nancy.

Rune factory 4 dating and marriage requirements. UNoT

Day 4: Go to the clinic. Watch a scene with Nancy and Jones regarding flowers. When asked about flowers answer, "Moondrop.

Be dating the character you want to marry, and have their heart level to . / /rune-factorywalkthrough-arthurs-reverse-proposal. Rune Factory 4 introduces dating system to Rune Factory series. For the bachelors (and Xiao Pai), the sub-event will also include the marriage candidate involved trying to propose to the main character. First Row: Dolce, Dylas, Amber, Frey, Second Row: Kiel, Forte, Arthur, Margaret. dating get the marriage option if I m female. Dating has to be at, at least 9 hearts before.

Day 6: Go to clinic and watch another scene Nancy collapses. You'll stay with Nancy while Dolce goes for Jones. Speak to Nancy and leave after Jones arrives. Day 7: Go to clinic and speak to Nancy. Then speak to Dolce. Go with her to see Nancy. Watch the scene then speak to Dolce again. Day 8: Speak to Dolce: give her advice on how to make up with Jones and Nancy.

Day 9: Go to clinic, speak to Dolce.

Watch the scene that begins. Follow Dolce when she runs downstairs. Speak to Dolce. A scene will begin with her and Pico.

When Dolce leaves the clinic speak to Pico. Then go find Dolce. Hold her hand. Go back to the clinic with Dolce so she can apologize to Nancy and Pico. Speak to Nancy.

So how do you start dating the character you want and eventually marry them? This is my first Rune Factory game so I'm not sure how to. Press 'A' to Marry: The Narrative Value of Romance in Rune Factory 4 . In all, the dating and marriage system in RF4 is no cakewalk. Now if you are dating more then one person at a time and get married, all your lovers will go back to being friends with you, with no LP decrease. Now if your.

Head out of town to find Pico. Forte will show up and there will be a scene. Go to Leon Karnak. Watch scenes. Once they're all done you could probably propose then but I waited till the next day. Day Locate Dolce, give her the engagement ring.

She'll insist you actually propose. Once she says yes, you're off to your wedding ceremony. Later talk to Amber while she is near Kiel in front of the Grocery Store. Kiel will be telling her about new supplies Bado got in. The next day Kiel and Amber will talk again in the same place about Bado's items. The day after that Kiel, Forte, and Amber will get together to talk in the town square. Amber will faint and you'll all go to the clinic.

Dating and Marriage Requirements (RF4)

Amber will wake up and leave. Talk to her and she'll tell you she is having trouble remembering things and that most of the things she doesn't remember happen at night. Amber will hang out in town square all day. Wait until night. Go into your room and you'll get a scene. You'll find out Ambrosia is possessing Amber at night and she invites you to speak with her another night. The next day wait until night and talk to Amber again when she is in her room.

Say you are here to see Ambrosia and not Amber and then you'll get a scene. Go back the next day and talk to Amber. She'll as to go to the observatory with you. Say that you will. Amber won't listen to what you have to say. Talk to her after the scene and try to talk again. Then go back to your room that night and go towards your bed.

Ambrosia will stop by again to talk to you. The next day talk to Amber. She will ask you to spend the day with Ambrosia. If you accept the "date" will be set for the next day. Talk to Amber the next day. She'll want to go to the forest with you. Take her to the area with the river and the water fall. You'll get a scene. Keep walking to the next area and you'll get another scene. She'll want to head back after that.


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