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Wes Gibbins . How to Get Away with Murder Wiki . FANDOM powered by Wikia

With his boy-next-door charm, Wes arrived at Middleton Law School as an outcast but under the wing of Annalise Keating , Wes was able to get a place at Middleton University and quickly learned the dark truths of the criminal justice system while stumbling upon some of Annalise's most personal secrets. Not long before his death , he got together with Laurel and by the time that he died, Laurel was pregnant with his child. Wes was killed to prevent him from coming forwards to the police about killing Sam and the shooting of Annalise. Christophe and his mother immigrated from Haiti to the United States during his early childhood, specifically when he was 1. His mother started working for the Mahoney family as a maid. Christophe was the only black child in his neighborhood when he was growing up in Ohio. Christophe's mother is approached by Wallace Mahoney to come forward as a witness for the trial and claim that she saw Charles while she was cleaning when Vickie was murdered.

Others are just wondering whether or not the rumors are true. Either way, it looks like King and Enoch definitely enjoy spending time together — even if it's just as friends.

Annalise Keating would be so proud. A major criminal trial of the MeToo era is inching closer to justice. Prolific producer Harvey Weinstein became the face of abuse of power in the entertai. The reality TV serie. If you were hoping for Mike Johnson to be the first Black Bachelor, this may not be all good news.

It turns out, Johnson may be seeing a real-life star —. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary in a very on-brand way: with a lot of honesty and laughter, and a little bit. Do you remember your first crush? For many of us, those memories make us cringe, but for Selena Gomez, her first crush was Disney Channel posse member Cole. Is Zooey Deschanel is off the market? She was recently spotted with one half of the Property Brothers twins, Jonathan Scott.

EXCLUSIVE: Alfred Enoch and Aja Naomi King React to Who Killed Wes After 'HTGAWM' Season Finale

After her divorce with Jacob P. As Felicity Huffman just learned, you do the crime, you do the time. For Lori Loughlin, the heat is on after Huffman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit. Everyone instantly assumes that he has cheated on him but he denies it.

Annalise arrives and introduces their next client, Irene Crowley - who is up for parole years after killing her husband. After all the students talk with her, Irene decides that Connor should represent her in her parole hearing.

The following day, Connor gives everyone their assignments - Michaela and Asher are on character witness duty but Michaela finds that all of Irene's neighbors and fellow employees are dead. Talking about something other than the case, Asher thinks that they should take their relationship public.

Michaela thinks otherwise. Later, LaurelMichaela, Asher are making a list of all of the people who could be responsible with putting the flyers calling Annalise a killer up. Connor arrives and Laurel suggests that Meggy should be on the list. Michaela and Asher later have sex in his dormroom. Asher gets distracted and brings up making their relationship public again. Michaela comes clean and tells him that she only uses Asher for sex. Later at the clinic, Michaela and Asher speculate about whether Connor has lost his case.

Enoch's character, Wes, is killed by Dominic, a hitman with ties to the acting under the orders of Jorge Castillo, the father of Wes' girlfriend, Laurel. Meanwhile, King, who plays Michaela Pratt, calls the finale "soul-crushing. She eventually met and began dating Aiden Walker, the two of whom made plans Michaela is one of the winners, along with Wes, Laurel, Connor Walsh, and. Wes and Michaela didn't date in the series but fans agree that they would make a great couple. Wes was in a relationship with Laurel (Karla.

Asher gets salty with Michaela about her using him for sex but he turns it around as he tells her that he thinks that she likes him more than she lets on. Later in the night, Connor comes knocking on Michaela's doorasking to stay the night. Michaela lets him in when he notices Asher. Michaela comes clean to him that they are screwing. Connor shrugs it off and he enters.

At the clinicAnnalise introduces their next client, Toby Solomon who is accused of manslaughter. Due to the bad press regarding the client, only Michaela shows interest in being first chair so Annalise gives it to her without a fight.

After getting blindsided in court by the ADAwhere she introduced a selfie of Toby and the victim while she was unconscious. After, Michaela tries to get off the case; Simon tries to take her place but Annalise refuses to allow Michaela to step down. Later, Connor shows Michaela Aiden Walker 's profile which reveals that he is getting married to another girl.

Later Oliver teams up with Bonnie and Michaela after finding that Toby withdrew k from his bank. They tell Annalise who then goes with Bonnie to see Toby. While this is happening, Michaela and Oliver stalk Aiden's new girl.

When Annalise and Bonnie return with Toby, she tells them that they're off of the case. Michaela uses this as an excuse to go out and gets Oliver to call Connor. At the casino, Michaela grabs 20k out of her purse which she stole from Toby and bets it all on black to Asher 's dismay. She wins and doubles her money.

Though she does win 80k in total she soon loses it all and is forced to pawn off her ring in order to cover the money that she stole from Toby. She manages to get the pawnshop owner to agree to 21k and gives the extra 1k to a homeless man outside.

The following morning, Michaela searches through Bonnie's desk looking for the bag with the money in it.

On ABC's How To Get Away with Murder, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher ( Matt McGorry) are getting serious. Wes (Alfred Enoch). Rebecca Sutter - Ex-Girlfriend Laurel Castillo - Girlfriend (until his death) Wes first meets Michaela Pratt in the lecture hall of the Criminal Law class. Y'all it would appear that Aja Naomi King, who plays Michaela on “How To Get Away With Murder” and Alfred Enoch, who plays Wes (RIP), may.

Bonnie appears and asks for the money she stole back. Once she gives it her back, Bonnie goes in to see Annalise. Asher Millstone is first chair for the clinic's next client, Tristan Fullerton who is being charged for credit card fraud. Connor and the others sit at the back of the courtroom and cringe at Asher's attempt at being a lawyer. During Asher's opening speech, the ADA on the case informs the court that Annalise has had her license revoked due to misconduct with one of her clients.

Bonnie takes over for her. Later, Michaela notices Connor using a dating app more and more, even in front of Oliver which results in Michaela reminding him to be more sensitive around Oliver. Later, Michaela helps Oliver personally try and get over Connor by finding him guys on Humper.

Though Micheala shows him many possible guys for him, Oliver dismisses all of them. Later, Meggy TraversWes ' girlfriend contacts the gang and asks them to be a part of her surprise party for Wes. At her apartment, they all wait in the dark until Wes shows up and they all yell surprise. At the party, there is food and alcohol which Michaela helps herself to.

Asher even pulls her away to the dancefloor where they then dance. This also encourages Meggy to ask Wes to dance. At the clinicWes tells the others that he is having dinner with Meggy 's father that night.

Simon offers his copy of the outline for the test in exchange for theirs. Connor eagerly accepts but when he looks inside he realizes that he's been pranked.

Later, Simon reads out an email he received from the university stating that Annalise has resigned and that they have a new professor. Wes wonders whether the university is actually allowed to fire her but Laurel says that she probably pushed too hard.

Later, Simon accuses the Keating 5 of stealing it.

Aja Naomi King played coy when asked if she was dating Alfred law students Michaela and Wes on the hit ABC show, could be dating IRL.

He pays particular focus on Michaela who's having none of it and kicks off calling Simon a "spineless, tiny-balled, winey excuse of a man" which forces him to walk away embarrassed and humiliated.

Asher jokes to Michaela about her dark side which came out when she was shouting at Simon. Oliver later arrives with Simon's laptop. Michaela reveals that she stole it for the outline he promised.

Wes and michaela dating

Oliver shows the others what he found: a copy of the flyer which has been plaguing Annalise. They then show Annalise the following morning who tells them not to worry, that Simon being the culprit behind the flyers is the best outcome they could have hoped for.

Annalise later confronts Simon which results in him giving the others his outline at the clinic later. At her apartmentMichaela is trying to study for her exam. Asher dances to 'Cotten Eyed Joe' Michaela stops him and the two talk about their relationship. The following day, after the exam, Annalise is back to work and introduces their next client, Daniela Alvodar.

After, everyone is gathered in the Keating House where Annalise tells them that the police are after Wes for Mahoney's murder and that Mahoney is Wes' father. Laurel knew all of this and the others aren't happy that she kept it from them. In court the following day, Laurel tries to sit next to them but the others won't allow it.

Michaela later gets a call from Daniela's ex telling her that she made the story up that she's been telling everyone and Michaela tells Annalise. Later at the clinic, Michaela and the others are helping Oliver pick a place to have his date with Thomas. Connor arrives after talking to Wes and Asher brags about getting a date. Simon who was first chair arrives and accuses Michaela of sabotaging his case. The following day, Annalise manages to get Daniela off on a misdemeanor after court.

That night, Connor and Michaela are eating ice cream when Asher arrives after he claims to have been on the date. Michaela doesn't believe him and Asher finally gets her to admit that she likes him and the two have sex. Connor later interrupts them and shows them a news report which suggests that Wes turned himself into the police.

After watching the entire thing, it becomes clear that Charles Mahoney was the son that the news was talking about. At court, the clinic students are shown a video of Edith Duvall who has been poisoned and accuses her children. The three children are the defendants, NelsonKarenand Jared. The students prep the siblings for their upcoming deposition.

Michaela and Asher interview Jared. After Annalise tells the students to find a new suspect and in return, Annalise will give the student an 'A' in her midterm. At the clinic, everyone is searching for potential suspects.

Michaela asks Oliver for help with a background check. Oliver shows her a picture Thomas sent to him but she is underwhelmed when it turns out not to be a dick pic. The following day at the deposition, Edith is also there. Jared is up and he loses it when his mother jokes about his failing sex life. That night, Connor calls Westelling him that Charles has an alibi. Over at the Keating HouseWes catches Annalise in another lie. The others then take it in turns to tell Annalise how they really feel about her.

Michaela feels like she pushed her to screwing Caleb not long after the Aiden ordeal. At the clinic later, Annalise gives the 'A' to Laurel for helping her win the case. To celebrate, Laurel offers to but drinks for everyone at the clinic at the bar. After getting back from the bar with Asher later, the two find Connor and Oliver together. Asher if overjoyed that the two have made up and Michaela instantly knows that the two have had sex in her bed.

In her apartment, her adoptive mother finds a ringing phone in her couch.

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