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  • 04.01.2019
  • by Fauzahn

Calleigh and Eric - HipHuggers - CSI Miami

CSI Miami 8.11 (Delko for the Defense) - Calleigh and Eric start

This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. EasyEdit Report page Share this. Calleigh and Eric - HipHuggers. This is a page where you can talk all you want about what you think of Calleigh and Eric and what you think will happen between them. There will almost always be someone to respond to anything you say so go ahead and write all you want i will make sure i try an answer all your posts! Calleigh And Eric Music Videos.

Delko feels guilty that he couldn't save more victims, even though his efforts are heroic as he shepherds terrified clubgoers to an emergency exit. Despite the trauma of the incident, he insists on working the scene with the rest of his team.

Later on the Connie, dies and visits her in the morgue to pay his respects.

When did delko and calleigh start dating

He later donates blood in her memory. In " Shattered ", Delko's job is endangered when he is arrested for drug possession, but it is discovered that the marijuana was for his sister Marisol to ease the pain of her leukemia treatments. Eric is taken hostage with others at a bank when a group of armed teenagers show up to rob it episode" Urban Hellraisers ". When a year-old gunman moves to rape a teenage girl, Delko opens fire, killing him.

Despite the fact that they are later determined to be scam artists and the husband's subsequent murderEric settles with the wife rather than take it to court, so as to prevent more scrutiny of the lab, particularly in the case of Delko and Horatio's less-than-official trip to Brazil earlier in the season. At the end of the episode, Eric signs papers authorizing his wages to be garnished, and starts arrangements to work extra shifts to cover the garnishment.

Following a tense surgery, he remains in critical condition in the hospital.

This is evident as he consistently asks to see his sister Marisol despite the fact she has been dead for months, and he also has no memory of being shot by Cruz's men.

Indeed, Eric's return to work several weeks later is difficult episode" Broken Home "and he is frustrated with the slow steps he must take, relearning basics and making rookie mistakes. However, Eric later provides the insight to find the murder weapon, and thus a perpetrator. Eric experiences such difficulties as double vision, which interferes with his performance. When Ryan gently points out doubled evidence markers, Eric snaps at him in frustration, but Wolfe is not offended, as he remembers his own vision problems after being shot with a nail gun the previous season.

Eric's memory lapses apparently cover only the six months or so prior to his injury, and as such he no longer recognizes the woman who sued him. This is used by a lawyer in an attempt to prove his incompetence. Early in season six, Eric Delko has flashbacks about his near-death experiences and panics during a shooting due to his fear and anxiety episode" Guerillas in the Mist ". In the Season 7 opener, Delko and Duquesne are especially confused and angered by Caine's shooting, and Wolfe's handling of the situation immediately after their arrival on-scene.

“I think Calleigh's probably starting to notice she's always in the lab, she just Surveying his CSI's motivations, Rodriguez notes that Delko has. Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) and Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) were surprised to find out their characters broke up on CSI: Miami—or did. Most people are saying that are callie and delko dating free dating for hiv Do eric and calleigh start dating in season 7of CSI: Miami???? Is It.

Delko later found out, however, that this was all staged by Caine, Wolfe, and the ATF to allow Caine to go undercover and apprehend a major ammunition distributor in Miami. Eric was still somewhat hurt that Caine would choose Wolfe over him, but Horatio told him in person that the decision to include Wolfe over him was due in no small part to Caine's desire to protect Delko and his career at the Lab should the undercover operation prove unsuccessful. In the season 7 finale he attempts to help his Cuban father escape from the grips of the Russian Mob.

However, the CSI's arrive on the scene and Calleigh shoots at the car he is helping his father escape in before she realizes that Delko is in fact the driver. When they reach it after it crashes, it is covered in blood, which his father claims is Eric's. In the next episode it is revealed he is alive and is wandering in the Everglades. Horatio left a note on his windshield saying, "I'll always be here.

A few episodes later, Delko returns as a special guest star, to become an expert witness for defense against his former team episode" Delko for the Defense ". In the beginning of the episode, it was revealed that he was in Puerto Rico. He then tells Calleigh that he missed living in Miami and decided to come back. In the middle of the episode, Calleigh tells him that the district attorney is looking for a forensics expert and Delko tells her that he will think about whether or not he wants to get his job back.

In the end of the episode, Delko discusses things with the D. Eric and Calleigh embrace in a passionate kiss in bed, before being interrupted by a phone call from the D. After a few moments, Calleigh wakes up. She visits Jesse's body who had died in the attack in the morgue and wishes him a safe trip before he's shipped to California for burial and joins the entire team on the basketball court for a game in his honor. During Season 9, less attention has been paid to the romantic relationship between Calleigh and Eric, leaving it unclear as to whether they are still seeing each other.

This may be due to Emily Procter's pregnancy, at which it was said that it wasn't going to be written in the series. In season 10 there is still less of a focus on her romantic relationships.

Deciding to adopt the North children implies she wants to put her main focus on them. When Eric asks if she needed help with the adoption she declines because she feels their on-and-off relationship is not the right type of environment she wants the children exposed to. However, the romantic feelings are clearly present between the two of them. Calleigh is targeted by a murderer recently escaped from prison in the season 1 finale.

Eric Delko Meets Calleigh Duquesne

Despite the danger, she refuses to take herself off the case, much to John Hagen's frustration. Calleigh herself brings the murderer into custody after she catches him at a gun store. Following Hagen's suicide in her lab at the end of season 3, Calleigh transfers out of ballistics briefly, only to return after she witnesses her successor's incompetence.

In season 6 Calleigh is in her lab when a certain type of bullet rolls off the table. It hits the floor and then shoots right up to the ceiling hitting the lights which causes them to burst. This starts a fire in the lab.

After the fire is put out Eric comes in and consoles her while holding her hands. They then both search for one of the three bullets.

Calleigh Duquesne is the day shift assistant supervisor at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. Birth Date, February 28, her or trying to trick her and she will immediately point out what they're trying to do. However, she revealed that she has an intense fear of ants, which Eric Delko helped her This starts a fire in the lab. Eric Delko and Calleigh Duquesne are the oldest members of Horatio's team. Eric deals laughingly, knowing exactly what the term means, and he starts to slide The team has very little time to prove that the man did it before the case is . To this date, Eric is the only member of the team who knows about her fear of ants. Start. We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV . A powerful crime boss (24's Carlos Bernard) is about to begin his cat-and-mouse In the premiere, Delko and Calleigh get snippy with each other. Procter: They did want me to kiss him on the cheek, and I said.

Eric finds the bullet, to which Calleigh says, "You are my hero. Despite the geographic distance between them, she does her best to help them in their quest for justice by identifying a substance that leads them closer to Riaz.

During the course of one case, while taking back roads to avoid traffic on the way back to the lab from the scene of a murder, Calleigh is nearly killed when another vehicle forced her off the road into the water. She is able to escape the sinking Hummer, and while much of the evidence gets contaminated by this incident, she and the team eventually manage to solve the case.

Are Things Over Between Eric & Calleigh?

The Kevlar vest that she was wearing during the shooting protects her from any serious injury. After having drinks with Jake, she is involved in a shooting causing her to be questioned by IAB. Calleigh is exploited on the internet and is cyberstalked leading to her kidnapping. When Eric's therapist is killed, he and Calleigh go through her confidential files.

Calleigh comes across Eric's file and reads what his therapist wrote. She is shocked to read what Eric said during one session: "After I got shot, it really put things in perspective.

Made me think about my future, settling down. Be nice if it were Calleigh. In mid season seven, she has a delayed reaction to the smoke she had inhaled while trying to save the evidence in a fire with Ryan. Eric instructs for paramedics to be called and holds Calleigh while trying to keep her calm until they arrive.

During the Season 8 finale "All Fall Down"Calleigh is unconscious on the when did delko and calleigh start dating and not breathing after someone leaks Halon. Eric "Delko" Delektorsky is a Crime Scene Investigator working for the not entirely shown, it appears that self-control may have something to do with it. Calleigh's response is that she doesn't date people she's even remotely wages to be garnished, and starts arrangements to work extra shifts to cover the garnishment. Detective Calleigh Duquesne is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI : Miami, Calleigh sometimes helps him by picking him up and driving home when he is too drunk to do so himself. . After Delko's return to work, Calleigh keeps a close eye on him, going over his reports and This starts a fire in the lab .

He rides with her to the hospital where she is treated by Alexx. Eric spends much time at her bedside during which he says, "I can't imagine living my life without you. In Season 7 Episode 19, Target Specific, Calleigh is working on a gathering evidence when a man, later identified as Sergei Patrenko, puts a bag over her face and steals her gun, but she manages to recover her gun at the end of the episode, and Sergei is shot and killed by a sniper while in custody.

In the season 10 it is revealed that the adoption went through and Calleigh now has full custody of Austin and Patty. But before the adoption is complete, Calleigh tells Eric that there is another couple wanting Austin and Patty, and that she thinks her chances are low.

Upon hearing this Eric goes to the adoption counselors and informs them that Calleigh would be a great mom and has the support of the rest of the team to raise the kids, thus helping Calleigh gain custody. Episode 8. Calleigh, Horatio and other uniformed officers and dogs search the Glades for Eric after he crashes. Once Eric is found, they get him to the hospital, where Alexx takes over. Alexx's update for a waiting Calleigh brings little encouragement and Calleigh loses her composure, openly showing her feelings for Eric.

In the flashbacks, we see Eric and Calleigh's first conversation, when Eric is still the smooth-talking "player" hitting on the pretty blonde. This is made more comical when Calleigh doesn't fall for his line and basically tells him that he's wasting his time on her with her "no socializing with anyone work related" rule.

The two most important people to Eric, Horatio and Calleigh, flank his bed when he wakes, with the others also in the room. Calleigh's relief when Eric opens his eyes is transparent, and impossible to miss!

Natalia is surprised when Calleigh comes to work when Eric is released from the hospital, having expected Calleigh to take a personal day to be home with Eric. Calleigh calmly explains that they've been advised to not have any contact until the investigation into the shooting is done. When asked if she'd been able to tell Eric that she didn't shoot at him purposely, Calleigh distantly says that she had shot at him, as he was a suspect fleeing a crime scene.

All of this seems frigid until the look on Calleigh's face shows her torn feelings between duty, and devotion to Eric. Calleigh's main coping mechanism, the "cold shoulder" facade, is merely her way of getting through the trials and tribulations. The investigation into the shooting comes to a head with interviews for Calleigh and Eric with Stetler. Although still unable to speak to each other, the looks across the room between Calleigh and Eric speak volumes, as if trying to embrace each other with their eyes.

Stetler tries to pit them against each other by taking their words out of context, and insinuating that Eric has a problem with Calleigh's inability to trust most of the men in her life, and trying to make Calleigh believe that Eric is breaking off their personal relationship in favor of their work relationship.

When did delko and calleigh start dating

When finally allowed to speak to each other, Calleigh and Eric agree that Stetler twisted things around, and they fall back into their usual friendly banter. Eric finally returns to work and jumps right into an E-Coli poisoning case. Calleigh automatically takes Eric to start tracing the source of the poison. Her first words to Eric once they're alone are words of welcome with her usual "only-for-Eric" smile.

Calleigh notices that the objective Eric she is used to is completely different from the Eric with her now. She also notices that he seems to be pulling away from everyone, including her.

Calleigh's repeated joy in Eric's return is met with uncertainty from Eric. She continues to watch him, and comes to the correct conclusion that he's leaving CSI. After agreeing to keeping quiet, Calleigh asks where they stand romantically, to which Eric's only response is that she knows him too well.

Eric kisses and hugs her briefly, then walks out as Calleigh desperately holds back tears while watching him walk out of one aspect of her life. Eric finally returns to CSI, but on the other side of things- he's the expert witness for the defense in a murder investigation.

Going by episode timeline alone, it looks as if Eric has been missing from Miami for about 6 weeks, and we later find that Calleigh seems to have been the only one on the team privy to Eric's whereabouts- Puerto Rico. Eric's return is met with some animosity from Frank and Jesse, Frank for the slight feeling of betrayal and Jesse because he doesn't seem too happy to see Calleigh's obvious joy at having Eric around again.

Calleigh is really happy to see Eric, even at the crime scene where he's basically watching their every move and looking for loopholes in their interpretation of the evidence that may work for the defense.

When the case seems to be closed, and Eric is no longer required to shadow the team, Calleigh asks what he's planning on doing- going back to Puerto Rico, etc.

Eric's answer to Calleigh is one of the biggest HipHugger moments of the season so far: He says that although he loved it in Puerto Rico, he missed Miami- and when he says Miami, the look in his eyes as he gazes at her makes you think that missing Miami is code for "I missed you".

Calleigh returns the gaze and says that Miami missed him which, in code, would mean "I missed you, too. The episode ends with Eric walking into the state attorney's office, presumably for an interview. We are left to wonder what the outcome of said interview will be, and how it will affect Eric and his relationship with Calleigh, although the most positive thought to come to mind is that they will still be on the same side, and it would almost be like working together, without the departmental policy on personal relationships between coworkers standing in their way.

Eric is now working for the state's attorney's office, even though when this episode starts he's not officially supposed to start for another week.


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