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  • 28.01.2019
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Basic Doll Anatomy . American Girl Wiki . FANDOM powered by Wikia

Forbidden Love ll An Interactive Film

When she sees a chance to rescue him, Caroline discovers she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions. They learn to count on each other as they help those in need. While she awaits her father's return, with Emily's help, Molly learns to pull together for the common good. Archive year: In , Ivy Ling realizes that Julie is in need of extra cheer. So Ivy invites her best friend's whole family for Chinese New Year to celebrate a new beginning. Archive year: In , Ruthie Smithens learns that Kit's family is struggling through the Great Depression, so Ruthie tries to make a fairy-tale happy ending come true.

I sadly have to part with my collection of dolls and only know that they are they ones made before the company was changed.

Any advice on how I should get them to a good how is much appreciated! My email is patricecardile outlook. Off the top of my head I have Samantha Felicity Josefina. Samantha's books. Her brass bed. And more things I'm sure I have to pull from storage. Everything is in original boxes. I recently bought 3 American Girl dolls at a estate sale.

Molly appears to be pre-Mattel. The best find was a few years back. You name it it was there. Most in new condition and a lot of it still in boxes and all it was retired. There was 2 dolls in the lot. To make a long story short I sold most of it on eBay. How can I identify a doll given to me?

I was given a red hair AG with bangs and blue eyes, with Pleasant company stamp and number 7h9. Looking for name. Thanks for the information. I just figured out that an older doll I have is a transition doll. Her vinyl is definitely hard but it has a bit of a different texture to it than my Mattel Kit doll' s vinyl. I found a 15" with bent knees and long hair at a thrift store. She was wearing a build a bear dress. I cannot find out anything about her.

Please help. Marked American Girl so I know it is not old. I want to know if she is real. I inherited a Pleasant Company Doll that I can't place. I don't believe she has a name but I think she is GT She had pretty dark brown hair with bangs and beautiful green eyes. How can I be sure? How can I tell the difference?

I have a Kristen doll, with Lissi doll on neck and the number under hairline. Her dress tag says made in west Germany for pleasant company I can't find out any information on manufacturer. Thank you for this article even though it's from I just bought samantha off eBay last eek and she came in today. When I saw the softer brown lashes I had a feeling he was before Mattel andpre transition. I did get worried when I saw no body tag, but this post soothed that worry!

I just got an American girl doll. But I am unable to tell who she is. Can you help with identifying her. I am new to the American girl doll seen. Can you give me any information.

Her nevk has Pleasant Company. I dont see a mark by either ear. No body tags or evidence of a body tag taken off. She seems wider than our other ones. I washed her hair and cleaned her skin. Washed the clothes and ironed the ribbon. She looks great! Hi I was wondering if u could tell me if I have samantha doll and how much it could possibly be worth.

Someone made me an offer but now I'm scared to low ball it. It looks like the brown hair is a little shorter idk if it was cut alittle bit or not Thanks in advance. What a great post. We have been given a doll which I can now identify as a PM doll. I've seen her referenced as "Ayame" AGT 4. I just fell in love with AG like you. In your case it sounds like your Samantha is priceless to you and that is the value I would place on her. Today I purchased an AG doll for my granddaughter.

Researched her when I got home and found that we have Kirsten, with Pleasant Co. Her hair is very frizzy. Should I try to repair her hair. From all I see she is a collectable. She has a tan body in very good condition.

Just her hair is a mess. Just purchased an AG doll for my Granddaughter.

She has a Pleasant Co. Her hair is very, very frizzy. She is Kirsten Larsen.

Should I try to figure out how to repair her hair, or leave her as is. I am new to this, but from what I have read she is one of the first dolls made. Janet, sounds like you got a nice doll. MOlly and she had very frizzy damaged hair. I did a downy dunk and had very good results. Also, you can use a thin past of baking soda and water to clean her vinyl body.

Be careful to keep any liquid out of the dolls eyes! Good luck and let me know how she comes out! I bought a doll off ebay a couple years ago before i new anything about American girl dolls. She had a very badhair cut and so i took her wig off and replaced it with a different color.

My question is is there a number on them to tell if they are a just like you or a historical? Smallory, I think there is, but I honestly don't know a lot about that. As I have said before, I am not a true collector. I just think the dolls are pretty and like making things for my daughter's dolls.

Around , my daughters Chelsea and Phoebe were given Samantha and Molly American Girl dolls and soon they became very involved in collecting. I would like to share how to tell the difference between PM (pre-Mattel), transitional and Mattel AG dolls. I have learned the traits to distinguish. By Brenda Since the American Girl phenomenon has hit our house, I have learned a lot about buying American Girl Dolls on Ebay and.

I know that they switched the stamps in which is the year Marisol was Girl of the Year. Thank you! I am sorry, but I don't have that information. I would have to research it. I know both stamps are legitimate. As I've said before I am not a true collector. I just love AG dolls. Pricing of AG dolls on the secondary market is very fluid. I would do a search on Ebay for your type doll. But, do your own research first!!! I sometimes see a person try to sell a JLY doll for these large amounts and I just think - good luck!!

So again, do some research and get a idea for what your type doll is selling for. What is the value of retired nicki doll. Hair may have been cut.

She's in her meet outfit with original box. She in excellent condition. The best thing to do is to create a search for the doll you want. For example do a search for "american girl doll nicki" and you should see all the Nicki dolls lined up. This is a good way to see for yourself the different prices and conditions of the dolls. You have a doll from the Springfield Doll Collection.

Hope that helps. Thank you Loose Ends! I hope T-bird sees your message. As I've said before, it is easy to get sold a non-AG doll if you don't do your homework!! Thanks again. It is important to know the age of the doll?? It's in great condition. She can stand on her own, has a tan body no body tag, no part in hair thick bangsArtist mark behind right ear, no signature, perfect eyes, long neck strings.

She is blonde very light brown hair with brown eyes. Samantha Summer outfit was on her dated china. I live for those kind of finds at the thrift store! Good job! They have the stamp and can stand just doesn't have original clothes. Is this a good deal?

Michelle - YES! They are real? Just bought a jly 28 and a molly.

American Girl

Both stand on their own an Both have the stamp American girl llc on their necks. Also have American girl made in China on their body tags.

Welcome to the American Girl Archives, the official site for preserving a character's place in American Girl history. See all of the retired American Girl dolls. I bought an American Girl doll second hand. The tag on her body Don't let the on the body tag fool you its a factory number not a date. Many older and. Basic Doll Anatomy here is a summary of the features of the American Girl 18" Dolls. While each specific American Girl doll has a unique combination of eye.

Are these real??? Yes, they sound perfectly real. All the current dolls are made for American Girl by manufacturers in China. They will have the LLC neck mark. I will try to add pictures of the different neck marks.

Dating american girl dolls

Thank you for this post, very helpful. She is an original Pleasant Company. Do you know of any sites that can tell me for sure if my doll is real? It does say american girl,LLC on the neck and a weird mark behind the ear.

Everything else as far as legs and arms seem the same as the dolls I have gotten at the American girl store. I bought this one on Craigslist and was not sure it's age? How do find out the year it's from? I'm sorry but I have no idea. Ebay is still the best place to get an idea what something is worth to purchasers. Do a search for Gotz signed Felicity on ebay and see if anything similar comes up. I have seen dolls signed by the lady who began AG and they are interesting to collectors I imagine your doll might be too.

Take a look and good luck! I have a Samantha whose hair was played with rough when I was growing up. There is something weird with her bangs. Like if you don't spread them out she looks like she has small pieces of missing hair. Is this a normal problem. I don't have another doll with bangs to know what it's supposed to look like.

She does have a bump where her bangs attach. I thought about trying the salon when I'm in Chicago next but I figured theyd just turn her away. I'm not really sure if you still see ckments on this post.

I have a Kailey with very loose limbs. I don't think I ever even played with her. If I send her to the hospital can her limbs be tightened?

I am sure the hospital would tighten her limbs. Go tot he American Girl Doll website and read through the services at the doll hospital. THat should tell you exactly what they can do. Regarding the Samantha doll with bang trouble, it is possible her wig has become slightly detached. OR it may be that her bangs got trimmed at some time. Without seeing the doll of course I can't be sure. I know that her bangs were not cut as I was her only owner. She does have an older style of wig than my Kailey from She was purchased sometime in the s.

Take her tot he AG salon and see what they say. It may just be her wig has become a bit detached, I can't tell without seeing her. Hello, Okay so I have a bit of a random question.

I have the older set of bitty twins. I have noticed that they seem to have quite a bit of "play" for a lack of a better term in their wig. That is that their wig does not seem to be as "glued on" as the 18" dolls that I do have. I don't have any other twins so I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be like. I guess I got paranoid, because I have a Kailey that has been nothing but problems and now has a very detached wig.

The sad part is that she has never had her hair brushed, been hot, or cold, or been in any kind of water. She was given to me with extremely loose limbs, but I got her for Christmas when I was younger and because Santa brought him, I did not believe that I could exchange her.

That and we didn't live close to the store. So because of her loose limbs I deemed her unplayable and never touched her again. I never really styled her hair, because I had ruined my Samantha's hair by brushing it improperly. Anyways, I put her hair into a ponytail 12 years ago and never looked at it.

Well now I've noticed along the seems her hair is bubbled away from her head along the seem. I guess I'm getting frustrated to some extent because it seems like if it isn't one thing right now with her it's another.

I'm just hoping that it is normal for the twins hair to be a little loose and not completely glued. Anyways any help is great. It sounds like the wigs re coming unglued. I don't know a lot about fixing this problem. I know there are many websites that show how to re-wig a doll, but I have never tried it. Hello i have a doll i just received for my granddaughter and i want to know if she is an older ag doll.

Hello i just received a doll i think is a ag doll but not sure. Hello i have a doll that says bitty baby is she a real ag doll. Yes, so do I. Our Skyler is a Madame Alexander.

I like how their heads tilt in different directions. I strongly recommend Wig shampoo and conditioner. You can find this in almost any beauty supply shop.

Read this article through it should help. I found all this out through trial and error and my own online research. Do the numbers on the back of the dolls head have any identification meaning?

I just started collecting the dolls and won an auction, the listing stated EUC, but they arrived three of dolls had serious hair problems. I am trying to identify the dolls. Here is a good article about AG dolls. I am not an expert on the neck markings, but tell all my readers to do your research.

I have many dolls that were in pretty bad shape when I got them. After restoring these dolls they are more valuable to me personally because of this. IF you have older pre-mattel dolls their slightly damaged condition may make them worth restoring. If the dolls are in good condition re-wigging is not too complicated OR send them to the AG doll hospital. You must do some research a decide for yourself what you want to do. I hope this helps. Thank you for the fast answer.

These doll will be part of my collection.

Basic Doll Anatomy

I just would like to restore to their natural beauty. And after reading through your blog and a few others you have listed on your blog. I realize I will send them to the AG hospital and rename the girls when they return.

I recently purchased a Kailey doll from Ebay to replace one that my daughter misplaced. I just received it and I'm not sure that it is authentic. Her wig is very loose and thin. Her neck stamp is really what has me concerned.

The lettering is raised lettering instead of the normal lettering I have seen on dolls, including the 6 my daughter has. Have you ever seen raised lettering on a AG doll? I looked at my AG dolls and my Nellie has raised lettering. Some dolls have freckles across or to the side of the bridge of the nose and over the cheeks.

Two types of freckling exist; the one first used on the Kit doll and the one used on the Mia doll.

The Grace doll was given darker tinted lips than most dolls; this was implied to be lip gloss, as paired with the lip gloss that came in Grace's Paris Accessories. The eyes are made of three parts. The main eye is a half circle of molded plastic with attached lashes; there are two small pegs to allow rotation. The main eye is encased in two parts. The back is a plastic half-dome that the hinges rest in, with a stop so the eye cannot rotate back too far.

Originally the plastic was black but is now a lighter white. Over the front is a metal case with oval shaping. The eyes have internal decals or painting that give the iris color. Eyes are either "pinwheel" style with faint lines behind the coloring or "decal" with a solid base. During the Pleasant Company years, each doll generally had soft eyelashes that closely matched their hair color.

Mattel replaced this with black plastic eyelashes for all characters. Sometime the decals can peel away internally, making the eyes look silver spotted or turn silver altogether, a condition called silver eye.

This mostly happens in older dolls. The company considers this a manufacturing defect and will fix this for free through the American Girl Hospital. Eyes can be swapped between dolls; however, most other brands of sleep eyes are not sized properly, so it is generally recommended to use eyes that came from other American Girl dolls.

Starting with the release of Naneawhite padding may be present behind the eyes. In aboutAmerican Girl changed the weights and designs of the eyes to a more solid plastic piece with less metal in the weights and sealing off the eye colors. This has resulted in in partial visibility of the white pegs and differently closing eyes. The hair of every American Girl doll is a wig made of high-quality Kanekalon fibers sewn to a mesh wig cap that is then glued onto the head.

Any streaks or highlights are created by adding variant colors into the hair before sewing it to the wig cap. Some dolls have flesh-colored "parts" of vinyl to add realism to their hair styles; other have sewn or woven parts.

Most dolls have silky straight hair with a slight to moderate curl at the end. Some dolls are given moderately curly hair which is a looser curl. Spiral curls such as the ones on 26 are made from heat set straight hair.

American Girl Doll Tenney Grant and Logan Everett DATE? Kissing at the Seaside Diner

Any doll's hair can be temporarily curled using rollers and a wet set; more permanent curls can be put in with heat setting. Recently, some dolls have occasionally been released with straight hair that has no curl at the end. All wigs with a part default as a center part; side parts are made by turning the wig sideways before gluing. Straight hair is generally evened out so as to appear straight at the edge; curly hair may or may not be.

Some dolls have small "short hairs" interwoven in the back of the wig cap among the longer hairs. When the hair is parted into ponytails or braids, these hairs remain loose and partially cover the mesh wig cap making for a more realistic looking hairstyle.

Our Dolls, Ourselves? Her brass bed. And dating things I'm sure I have to pull from storage. Everything is in original boxes. I recently bought 3 American Girl. In , Pleasant Company released a line of contemporary dolls called American Girl of Today. In , the product line. Results 1 - 48 of Get the best deal for American Girl Dolls from the largest online selection at eBay. com. Browse your favorite brands ? affordable prices.

Textured hair is a coarser Kanekalon hair designed to simulate African straightened hair and has exclusively been used on dolls that are visually directed as "black" though two classic molded dolls have had textured hair, they were also given tanned skin.

In the texture was made less thick and prominent for the modern doll line, and can be rather hard to distinguish from older textured hair by sight and touch, being more similar to "straight" hair than that of older dolls. Starting inbald dolls--those without hair-- were made available, to represent children without hair. These dolls are sold wigless, and have smooth heads with no indication of a wig attachment applied or guide lines around the hairline.

American Girl does not recommend styling doll hair with plastic combs, plastic brushes which will frizz the hair or any comb that has been in human hair due to human hair oils.

Hair should be dampened before combing or styling every time to prevent damage. This can be done with braid spraywater, or a light leave in spray conditioner.

The hair should never need to be washed with proper care; however, some dolls may need a light wash with wig conditioner or mild shampoo after extended use or dirt exposure.

To comb or brush hair, a wig brush or doll brush should be purchased and used exclusively with dolls.


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