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  • 26.01.2019
  • by Grorr

How to Identify a Schrade Knife's Year . LEAFtv

Old Timer Stockman Rises from the Ashes... What a Beauty!

Hello fellow Schrade collectors. I have been collecting the Schrade open stock knives, and would like to be able to tell the year each knife was made. I can look at the catalogs and knife data to tell the span of years a certain pattern was made, but the Catalogs are not in Color and do not have enough detail to tell them apart. It was made from till Is there a way to tell the year it was made? Share Tweet. Views:

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I have noticed on some of my old timers that the tang stamp says NY from Schrade, trying to date Schrade knives by the tang stamps is by in. Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Schrade Knives. The roots of the Schrade Cutlery Company precede its founding in True, that VINTAGE SCHRADE WALDEN OLD TIMER HONESTEEL KNIFE SHARPENER & SHEATH EXC. COND. the modern Schrade knives are worth the time required for the small return. This may not be the While the production Old Timers and Uncle . exist which allow dating these variances into definable time frames, at least insofar as the more.

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Dating schrade old timer knife

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Mike Hoover puts stone slabs on a knife! Art In Stone. Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife. View all. This is a list of Schrade Old Timer models. This is not the definitive list of Old Timers, it is merely a starting point. This list is based on a number of Schrade price lists. In the early seventies they published what they called their Line. In they begin publishing a price list called a Shortline Catalog. Is important to note that, as a pattern was introduced or discontinued in one of the years where I do not have a catalog will not be noted as new inin the case of the OT.

How to date a Schrade Knife to a specific year

The retail price shown is the last retail price I have in any of the lists that I currently possess. If a knife was discontinued in orthe last price shown will be the price. In the details column you will hopefully find a description of the knife with any other information I have, whether it is gathered from the price lists, catalogs, books or other sources.

Hopefully most of the information is correct but the possibility always exist that I made a mistake or there is a difference in what Schrade published. That can be for a variety of reasons.

For example, the 2OT was made in the s or s, long before any of my catalogs or price lists were printed. The OT, a stainless steel version of the OT, does not appear in any of the lists I have, though somewhere I received info that it was made between The only way to know for sure is to compare a known older model to one that is made in or later. I have received so much information from so many people that I have forgotten where it all came from.

Thanks guys! If anyone has a copy of a price list from, or any pre catalogs, price lists or other sources and would like to share them with me I will incorporate that info in the list. Remember, Schrade was notorious for not being extremely accurate with their catalogs and price lists.

Their main concerns seemed to be making knives and not catalogs.

Even after 55 years, Old Timer knives remain popular, whether it's because the its roots date back to when George Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery. Results - of Get the best deal for Schrade Vintage Knives with 2 Blades from the largest online SCHRADE U.S.A. T OLD TIMER POCKET KNIFE SMALL SCHRADE ENTHUSIASTS KNIFE .. Date code of SWP0 is Schrade Old Timer Models All Information Courtesy of Dale Vincent - AAPK Username: orvet This is a list of Schrade Old Timer models. This is not the definitive.

I am sure there are probably Schrade models that do not appear in the catalogs, especially when it comes to those End of Days knives, those that were made just before Schrade closed.

There are some strange things that came out of the factory, such as, the 97OT with Uncle Henry Staglon handles and a single clip blade. Remember, this list is a work in progress.

I hope to be adding the Uncle Henry line, some of the Open Stock knives, as well as some of the scrimshaw and some of the special addition knives, plus the later knives such as the AV2, CH4, SLW2, etc. This is definitely not the last word in Schrade numbering and prices. This is merely a beginning point and I hope to update this as I get new information.

Have Knives to sell? We offer exciting selling opportunities! If you are a regular seller of knives, you definitely need to check out our knife specific retail platform. Numerous other tang stamps were used by the company over the years, with some stamp years overlapping one another, depending upon the knife model.

Schrade also changed the words used on its tang stamps and advertisements over the years. Inthe name Walden was dropped from the tang stamps and literature entirely.

Schrade made more than 75 different models and iterations of its Old Timer series from towhen the company closed. The Schrade 34OT, for instance, was made from towhile the 33OT, a similar knife, was produced from through Look up that number on collector sites to help pinpoint the age range of the model. Print materials such as old company catalogs, magazine ads and even the literature included in the box with a Schrade knife are excellent ways to pinpoint the creation date of a Schrade knife.

Such paperwork usually includes images and details that come in handy when determining the age or even the specific type of Schrade knife, in the event the knife is worn, broken or too damaged to identify it easily. Even Schrade collectors have a hard time pinpointing specific ages of knives, using print materials as a fairly good way to narrow things down. Schrade released several anniversary-edition knives over the years, which look almost exactly the same as the older originals.

I would appreciate it if anyone has a SCHRADE Old Timer or Uncle date them through the names and logos, other knife patterns shown on. Hello fellow Schrade collectors. I have been collecting the Schrade open stock knives, and would like to be able to tell the year each knife was. Whether your knife collection includes a few antique Old Timer knives or a Schrade knife are excellent ways to pinpoint the creation date of a Schrade knife.

After Schrade closed inTaylor Brands bought many of the trademarks and reissued some of the more popular Schrade models. Some of the Battendfeld or Taylor Schrade models have their own, new model numbers created after the closure of the original Schrade company.


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