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  • 21.02.2019
  • by Fedal

Map Age Guide - explain xkcd

Randall Munroe: "What If?" - Talks at Google

The comic consists of a flowchart depicting various ways to tell what era a map is from based on present country borders and land forms. While many of the options are very serious, a few bizarre options reference fictional maps Discworld , Narnia , and Tolkien's Middle-earth , or consider that seagulls, staplers, tubas, or breadboxes could be mistaken for a map. Randall also mentions US President Jimmy Carter being attacked by a giant swimming rabbit, an event previously referenced as one we must never forget in America. The flowchart, although probably effective in eventually identifying the production year of certain maps, is designed in a rather inefficient way, as some early distinctions are already on a very detailed level before some really important distinctions fictional or non-political map are made. This, of course, adds to the humorous tone of the comic. It is also hampered by several smaller or larger error see trivia , the biggest being a whole section on I that gives years in the range —, before I was built, and coming from a question that fixed the year range to —

To the southwest if Twitter island, in the Sea of Opinions, are the blog islands. These lie south of the islands in Buzzword Bay, as well. The northernmost islands in this group are centered around the Bay of Drama, on which can be found Diary Blogs, Gossip Blogs, and Livejournal.

To the north of this island is a smaller island called Photo Blogs. South of Diary Blogs, and off the southwest coast of Music blogs is a smaller island called Fandom Blogs.

On the other side of the straits is a large island made up of Miscellaneous Blogs, with two states demarcated as Religious Blogs and Blog Blogs. The largest by far is 4chan and b. This can be found on the lower left corner of the map. Between the two lies The Talk. This updated map uses size to represent total social activity in a community -- that is, how much talking, playing sharing, or other socializing happens there.

This meant some paring of apples and oranges, but I did my best and tried to be consistent. Estimates are based on the numbers I could find, but involved a great deal of guesswork, statistical inference, random sampling, nonrandom sampling, a 20,cell spreadsheet, emailing, cajoling, tea-leafing reading, goat sacrifices, and gut instinct i.

How do we handle it? Troy0 talk2 June UTC. Going on the path neither - no ottoman empire - no soviet union - no north korea - jan mayen is norwegian I will get results that all belong to a time were the soviet union existed. Am I doing it wrong?

I just tried this out on an old Danish world atlas Lademann Verdensatlas with most English names also included. And although I could not determine the capital of Micronesia, I found out that it was still called Upper Volta not Burkino faso and thus the map should be from First then did I check the release date for this map and true enough it was from ! A map [3] in the New York Public library, datedis given a date of Notably this map has Texas as part of Mexico though mentioned as in captials indicating a district within Mexico.

It is also missing independent Paraguay, Ecuador and Venezuela. Zeimusu talk3 June UTC. Apparently most Mars maps were made in Mars 3 and Mars 6no Saudi Arabia I have been evaluating world globes subset of maps of course for several years, and find this quite amusing. A note of interest: Apparently Randall knows that maps often do include copyright or other dates, while globes with very few exceptions do not include a date.

There are other guides to finding the date of presentation of a globe of course, which may or may not pin the date down more precisely. Pault talk3 June UTC. Starting at the Istanbul Division, the Question Date Range no longer fits the definition at the top of the table, and now includes the effects of the Prior Date Range. I tried to apply this to a map of Pangaea and ended up being taken to the "you made this yourself" part How come Istanbul can both exist and not exist on a map of the same date.

Netherin5 talk12 February UTC.

If you can find a map dated BCE then you've found a forgery, because there was no such thing as BCE for maps made in BCE. Dating Pools. | · >|. Permanent link to this comic: https :// Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding). In its best map are made it out who wished for dating. xkcd dating depth first Otoh, if relevant this in his doodles and Drag. Contact Contact suso raquo Fri Sep.

Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigationsearch. If yes, banshee. If no, seagull. A larger version of this image can be found by clicking the image at xkcd. Explanation [ edit ] This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Errors in the year etc. Another table with the possible year ranges and the length of their interval would be interesting. Only for the political maps What are the longest ranges after and how finely dissected are the maps closer to today?

If you can address this issue, please edit the page! Table [ edit ] Going through the flowchart, taking the leftmost path first, recursively.

Note there is no recursive loop.

See also Depth-first search. Variations on both names go back at least 1, years. Other names have also been used at various points. Istanbul has been the official name in Western languages since the s although it's been the native name sincealthough Western maps often referred to it as Constantinople as late as the s; on the flowchart, the choice of name appears to go with the s date. The name changes are the subject of a songoriginally by the Four Lads, but now mainly known for the They Might Be Giants recording.

The Neither Division will attempt to use other indicators to sort maps into one of the other two divisions or branches thereof, or, after 5 failures to find a country, conclude that the "map" in question is not a political map and proceed to find out what it is the Not a Political Map Branch. The Constantinople and Istanbul Divisions are linear except where the Neither Division joins them as stated above.

Constantinople Division 2 Do any of these exist? The Territory of Alaska existed between previously, it was a US district and when it became a state. Tokyo was once called Edo.

It was renamed Tokyo which means "Eastern Capital" when it became the capital in Most English books around then would actually have called it "Tokei," the Chinese reading.

The name Tokyo didn't take off until Hepburn romanization was popularized in the s. Nationalism and the concept of the nation state hadn't taken off yet, so countries as we know them didn't really exist. There were just small lands, often with keenly contested borders, owned by minor aristocracy who pledged allegiance to one of the big powers. The HRE was dissolved in after it was invaded by Napoleon, arguably the first leader to realise the potential of making a nation salute a flag.

The original 13 colonies declared independence in Part of Mexico? Part of the US? Mexico and before its independence, New Spain occupied the area modern-day Texas from around when the first permanent Spanish settlements were founded to the Texas Declaration of Independence in the comic apparently cited as the date — the land called "Texas" was only a small part of the modern-day state.

The Republic of Texas only lasted a decade and joined the US in The US? Spain occupied Florida as East Florida and West Florida but frankly they didn't actually want it — it was expensive to send people to settle it, and there wasn't much economic value in it. For some reason, the comic treats Florida as part of the US in ; see questions 7 and 8.

Declared independence from Spain in although it might appear on older maps as the Spanish Province of Paraguay. Both declared independence from Gran Colombia Greater Colombia in The last southward expansion of the US is the Gadsden Purchasewhere the US bought a chunk of what is now Arizona and New Mexico so they could build a railway that avoided unfavourable terrain. The southern border looks "weird" before that because we are accustomed to the current border shape.

An unrecognised state —79 and a colony —80 on-and-off also bore this name, but they are both outside the Prior Date Range. Bolivia lost its coastal territory to Chile in the War of the Pacificceding Antofagasta in the Treaty of Valparaiso in Inthe Hungarian cities of Buda and Pest joined together to form the city of Budapest.

Norway was ceded to Sweden infrom which it separated in Austria-Hungary formed in and dissolved in Clueless bureaucrats of the time loved to abbreviate the name to just "Austria", but mapmakers tended to be more careful than that.

Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in Saint Petersburg was known as Leningrad between and The city was founded in as Saint Petersburg specific spellings vary ; in Augustdue to major anti-German sentiment related to WWI, it was renamed Petrograd essentially the Russian translation of Petersburg. On January 26,five days after the death of Vladimir Lenin the main revolutionary leaderthe new Communist government hostile to both the the Orthodox Saint Peter the city was named after and the Czar Peter the Great who named it renamed the city Leningrad in his honor.

After the decline of the Soviet government inthe name became unpopular, and a referendum in June concurrently with the first Russian presidential election restored the name Saint Petersburg for the city officially in Septemberwhich it holds to this day. The Ottoman Empire was founded inand defeated and dissolved on November 1, when the sultanate was abolished. The Soviet Union is one of the largest countries ever to exist consisting of Russia and large portions of eastern Europe and central Asia.

It was a major political force from December 28,when several allied Soviet republics united, towhen it broke up. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in It is the first modern state to exert control over the area it claims, which previously were controlled by various tribal leaders. Most maps before will not mark the area as belonging to a nation at all, will attempt to mark the various shifting chieftains, or will attribute the land to the Ottoman Empirewhich claimed the land but did not effectively control it.

This resulted in the inconclusive Korean War. Jurisdiction over the island of Jan Mayen was given to Norway aroundand it officially joined in Note: Strictly speaking, it should be almost impossible to answer "Yes" to this question — the Ottoman Empire existed untilthe Soviet Union existed from toand North Korea from onwards, so by answering "No" to the previous three questions, the user has ruled out the entire period during which Norway has officially owned Jan Mayen, and almost the entire period it controlled it barring an extremely slim sliver of time between November 1, to December 28, The following questions ignore the previous ones East Germany only existed at the same time as the USSR, and Pakistan was founded later than North Korea, so both should have already been excluded — essentially, the Jan Mayen question reboots the test.

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At this point, it is clear that the map in question is not a political map from any time. Therefore, the comic tries to determine whether it is a map of the Earth at all by asking if the continents are there.

A map of the Earth that does not label political regions must be a topological map; or, it can be a satellite image of the Earth.

Map of the Earth Yes, that's it: topographical map or satellite image of the Earth Yes, that's it: topographical map or satellite image of the Earth Go to 27 27 Is Lake Chad missing? As settlers made their way west, the prairie land in the Great Plains region was steadily replaced by farmland and ranches. By the s, most of the land had been converted to agricultural use, and the last of the prairie was largely obliterated by the Dust Bowls in the s.

The dividing lines correspond roughly to the three types of prairie: tallgrass prairie grew between the Mississippi and Indiana, mixed grass prairie covered Nebraska and other states on the th meridian westand shortgrass prairie covered the remaining area east of the Rocky Mountains. There's some overlap in the dates, since it's fairly arbitrary at what point you say the prairies stopped existing. Shrinking since the s, the Aral Sea would be too small to be on maps or images of the Earth by the s.

The rivers Sirion and Anduin are part of Middle-earththe fictional setting of J. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings books. Mordor is the base of operations of Sauronwho settled there c. Map of Middle-earth No: S. Tolkien has given several during the years. It sank back into the sea in in the Second Age, as the formerly flat Earth was made into a globe.

The forest Mirkwood was called Greenwood the Great from its discovery by the Elves c. It was cleansed on 'March' 28, in the Third Age which ran for 3, yearsafter which it is called the Wood of Greenleaves. Note that Randall ignores the Fifth Age and onwards; although Tolkien said that the present day is about the end of the Sixth Age or the beginning of the Seventh, nothing is written about these later Ages.

Not a map of the Earth Yes: map of Narnia No: inconclusive Yes: map of Narnia Go to 38 No: not a map of the Earth Go to 42 Narnia Subbranch Note: This series contains seven books, whose original publication order does not match their chronological order. Questions in this subbranch concern whether the place referenced can be found in the map contained in each book, not in which books' time the place exists.

Therefore, places that exist in a book published later but is chronologically earlier than another book will not appear in the latter book, even if canonically they still exist in its time. Here are the seven books in their original publication order, which they will be referred to as. Calormen is a foreign empire in The Chronicles of Narnia. While it was indirectly referenced in the first three books, it was not included in maps until the later books in the series.

Refers to this map from The Voyage of the Dawn Treaderwhich focused on a ship voyage from Cair Paravel to the eastern edge of the world and back. During the time of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobethe people of Beruna crossed the Great River via a ford, but it had been replaced by a bridge at the beginning of Prince Caspian.

Refers to The Last Battlewhere the protagonists find themselves in Aslan's Countrya glorious afterlife of which Narnia along with Earth and presumably every other world is only a shadowy reflection. A forest from the Redwall book series.

See also the comic Redwall and Debugging that references the books.

1688: Map Age Guide

The comic fantasy book series Discworld is set on the fictional Discworld, a flat disc balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle. After incorrectly guessing several popular fictional world, it is fair to doubt whether the subject being identified here is a map at all. Not a map of the Earth Yes: a map for surejust not of the Earth No: not a map Yes: a map for surejust not of the Earth Go to 45 No: not a map Go to 47 45 Did you make it yourself?

· >|. Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): "New Date Range" is the intersection of the Prior Date Range and the Question Date Range for each choice, and is the range determined by all. Map Age Guide. | · >|. Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding).

At this point, the map can only be a homemade map of some other fictional world. Although it might be a published map of another world, such as Pern, Oz or Mars but there isn't enough room for these options.

A map for surejust not of the Earth Yes: a homemade map Yes: a homemade map Go to 46 46 It's very nice. A stock response to "[It's] Very nice" is "Thanks, I made it myself".

Since we have already done the "made it myself" part, we need to do the other parts too, albeit out of sequence. A homemade map Thank you! Now we are trying to guess something that is not a map. Makes sense to ask if it's something that bites, right? However, instead of asking further questions to narrow down the choices, the comic just gives a guess for each response. The comic guesses a breadbox itself as something about the same size as a breadbox.

Map dating xkcd

Doesn't bite and not a map Yes: larger than a breadbox No: smaller than a breadbox About the same: about the same size as a breadbox Yes: larger than a breadbox, doesn't bite, and not a map comic guesses a tuba Stop No: smaller than a breadbox, doesn't bite, and not a map comic guesses a stapler Stop About the same: about the same size as a breadbox, doesn't bite, and not a map comic guesses a breadbox Stop 49 If you let it go, what does it do?

This assumes that you are holding the biting object. While holding it, the object may have already bitten you, and the consequences of this would most likely be painful.

Bites Hisses and runs away: hisses and runs away if let go Screeches and flaps around the room breaking things: screeches and flaps around the room breaking things if let go Hisses and runs away: bites, and hisses and runs away if let go comic guesses a cat Stop Screeches and flaps around the room breaking things: bites, and screeches and flaps around the room breaking things if let go comic guesses a seagull Stop however, see 50 50 Does the screeching chill your blood and herald death?

Archive What If? A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

My Friend Catherine. | · >|. My Friend Catherine. It turns out Monday was Steve Waterman's birthday. His site has posters of his map, plus maybe the world's only Winkel Tripel-critiquing poetry. Map Projections . Heh, Eastern European history does provide a nice supply of map dating reference points. Yugoslavia or the shape of Hungary is a good way.

It turns out Monday was Steve Waterman's birthday. His site has posters of his map, plus maybe the world's only Winkel Tripel-critiquing poetry. The comic is one large panel, with different types of map projections listed in two columns. Each listing has an illustration of that projection plus a short paragraph describing the individual who prefers that projection. What your favourite Map Projection says about you. Mercator [[A drawing of the Mercator projection is shown.

In this the world is distorted to fit into a perfect square, centred on Africa. Robinson [[A drawing of the Robinson projection is shown. Areas near the poles in this projection are fairly distorted, but the distortion is greatly reduced when moving toward the equator. You like coffee and enjoy the Beatles.

You think the Robinson is the best-looking projection, hands down. Winkel-Tripel [[The Winkel-Tripel projection is similar to the Robinson projection, with less distortion at the poles.

However the distortion at equivalent latitudes differs as the longitude varies. You're worried it's getting played out, and are thinking of switching to the Kavrayskiy.

You once left a party in disgust when a guest showed up wearing shoes with toes. Your favourite musical genre is "post-". Hobo-Dyer [[The Hobo-Dyer projection is a cylindrical projection resulting in significant latitudinal distortion.

The result is a rectangular image with the poles vertically compressed, and land near the equator stretched.


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