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  • 19.01.2019
  • by Fenrik

Fraud Beware - PG Dating Pro Software Pilot Group LTD Reviews

PG Dating Pro REVIEW Update - BEFORE YOU BUY PG Dating Pro Software

Best For People who already run a dating business online or want to start one. Founded in Located in Russian Federation. Starting Price. Free Trial. PG Dating Pro Features. Social Networking. Popular Comparisons.

They sent video of the process working correctly, but when we set up a new member profile, we were not getting the same results.

It has been nearly 2. The custom features they claimed to have built were incomplete with depreciating code. I paid for them to add PayPal, it was never completed.

I paid for them to add Push Notification, doesn't work correctly; literally flashes for 1 second then closes.

Do you agree with PG Dating Pro's 4-star rating? Check out what 10 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Hello, I would like your opinion on the script PG Dating Pro Is this a good script for the creation of online dating? Is it secure, per. User submitted reviews and ratings for PG Dating Pro.

I paid to have private call and text as an upgrade, doesnt work! Another thing about their team you need to know, they will disapear on you. You will pay for a custom service and not hear back from them until you start threatening them.

The most motivated they became is when I started posting review v. Hello, Jack. Thanks for your review. We are really sorry that it took quite a lot of time to implement all your customisation requests. We are doing our best to finish your project as soon as possible. Your project manager is in touch with you now. Hopefully, after your project is completed to mutual satisfaction, you'll be able to post a more favourable comment. Andrew I. Always wonderful customer service. Constantly developing new functions and there is the possibility of ordering individual customizations.

The questions were promptly answered in the chat support. The problems were solved. Andrew, thank you for taking the time to leave your review here.

Pg dating pro reviews

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Bob B.

Find out what users are saying about PG Dating Pro. Read user PG Dating Pro reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

Great to work with. Highly recommended! Everyone I worked with has been outstanding. True value for the money. Language has not been a barrier Highly recommend. So I really cannot complain about the software.

Your reviews of PG Dating Pro (Dating Script)

Bob, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We'll be happy to help you further. Pratik P. Not what you expect after buying this expensive software.

Pratik, thanks for your feedback and for commending our customer service team. Verified Reviewer. We have paid thousands, and yet the portal is not live! The response from these russian team are so slow or they never bother to respond at all. Only after countless email and calls then only they will do so.

PG Dating Pro REVIEW Update - BEFORE YOU BUY PG Dating Pro Software

Worst still, we have started this project since Augustand till today Juneit has not even gone live. The developers will then come back to your with excessive customisation fees, and rarely responds. You can also communicate with others by private message, sending kisses and winks, and leaving a message on their wall.

There is a shoutbox too. On closer inspection, PG Dating Pro is not set up well for a dating script. It appears to be more of a social networking solution than a dating solution. Take the wall for example. The script has a Facebook-inspired message wall where users can leave messages for each other.

Why would a dating service offer this? If you are looking for someone to date, do you really want to see all the other men and women who have flirted, liked, and chatted, with the person you like? The whole idea of adding a message wall for everyone to send messages seems bizarre.

The message wall is a poor idea for a dating script. The script allows you to charge users for certain features: such as instant messenger, using private messaging, or hiding your profile. There is a gift store option too for a fee. I also noticed that users can upload banners to their account. I still have no reason why this option is in the account area for people who are dating. Administrating your PG Dating Pro powered dating website is simple.

The admin area loads quickly and is simple to navigate. Everything can be reached via the main menu that is displayed on the left column. Once you have configured your website, the admin area will be mainly used to moderate users, content, and payments. Can you imagine doing this for thousands of users?

A detailed review of the dating software PG Dating Pro. A disappointing script that is very expensive. You should avoid this script at all costs. If you want to get a complete review you can login to their official website and try the Pg Dating Pro demo. The screenshots below will give you a preview of how. Before you give them 1 cent, read my review of PG dating pro software, working with their developers, (lack of) progress, how long I've been.

The script supports a dozen billing systems, including PayPal, 2Checkout, and Google Wallet though I did not test these. Basic elements of your design can be modified through the admin area too: however, I found the options available for creating different packages to be limiting. You cannot choose what features a particular package will have by default, or modify permissions. While I have no problem with the minimal look of the admin area, I was concerned about the lack of options.

The admin area feels a little dated and there are not enough options to help you customise your dating website fully. PG Dating Pro feels like a dated script that would not feel out of place ten years ago. Unfortunately, PG Dating Pro is one of the most expensive dating scripts available.

Not only is the script expensive, but there are too many different options available to purchase PG Dating Pro. The version I tested is called Dating Pro PG Dating Pro has one of the strangest pricing schemes I have ever seen. Dating Pro is still available. Relief after previous provider Great support team, open to help with any queries, being posted about the processes continuously. Anna and Christine Support are extraordinary!

Reply from PG Dating Pro. We're always glad to work with you and with your fascinating projects! A1 Professionals I started this project in early July. And you are our A1 partner! PG Dating Pro took my money, but my dating website doesnt work I am writing you this report on April 13th,we started the project on Sept.

Dear Jack, While we appreciate the feedback, it feels that we might add some insight of our own to show the bigger picture. Firstly, the thorough technical requirements for the whole project in total were never accorded in the first place and it is hardly surprising that addition of new tasks and major developments stalls the launching dates.

Being forced to work with extra coding your team was doing affected the time frames as well, though not in a major way.

Secondly, regarding specific developments. It is well documented that you as a Customer have all the access and files for the testing. We do insist on customer testing, and all the development performed on your side were reported on to you.

No team can work without feedback : As for the private calls, it is well documented, though for the sake of your privacy we are not sharing any screenshots, that the custom was paid for October 29,while the version for testing was delivered December 6, However, this review is the first time we get feedback on the development.

Better late than never, I agree, though hardly applicable to the case you're stating. Thirdly, please note that provision of the technical support is only related to the cases when major development is involved, as the free period of the technical support services expired 1 year after your license order - the period that would now almost reach 2 years.

Last but not least, we do admit that the whole project has been through certain turmoil due to the management shift in the company.

With this in mind, I believe the quality of work has been found to be quite satisfying as the last custom order that came in from your dates as recently as than January 4,which leads us to believe that it might not be the general product quality that you might be unsatisfied with but some particular downfalls which no company is saved from. Should we post the same reply in YouTube without fear of it being deleted by you once more?

Do let us know : We are welcoming the feedbacks as they come, and remain open about our work.

Jannah, thanks for much for your review. We are always here to help you further if you have any questions or improvement suggestions. Excellent technical support Excellent technical support.


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