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Arrow 3x16 Oliver finds out that Felicity and Ray are dating

She was raised only by her mother because her father left them when she was very young. She lived in Las Vegas while her mom worked as a cocktail waitress until going off the college. Felicity dated Cooper during her senior year at MIT. They were both apart of a hactivist group. Felicity created a "supervirus" for good deeds but Cooper used it to hack the campus's infrastructure to delete all the student loans.

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We don't really have time. We sort of rushed through it as interesting and creatively as I think we possibly could, but the authenticity of it is that this would be all-encumbering. This changes your life completely. You have to regulate the temperature of your body. You don't have time to do anything else, because you're literally focusing on how to live this life.

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Archived PDF from the original on September 19, Archived PDF from the original on August 13, Retrieved January 30, Screen Rant. Felicity learned the arrow's patent was registered to a company called Sagittarius Latin for "the archer" and after hacking into their records, discovered the address where units of the same arrows were delivered. Upon providing him with the information, an awed Oliver praised that she was "remarkable" and wished her a Merry Christmas before he left, prompting Felicity to reveal her Jewish heritage.

Oliver corrected himself, wishing her a Happy Hanukkah. Several weeks later in JanuaryFelicity was having lunch in the I. Declaring her love of red wine and being promised one of the bottles, Felicity began to decrypt the fob. The next day, she discovered that it contained a directory of schedules and preparations regarding several planned heists similar to the armored-car robberies that had been occurring in the city.

Oliver asked her to hold off on warning the SCPDsaying he didn't want to get her in trouble, and requested that she send him the directory instead. Felicity did so, privately expressing her disappointment at the lack of wine coming her way. A week later, Oliver and John arrived at Queen Consolidated to see Felicity and she expressed slight concern over a "hungover" Oliver.

Oliver handed her a syringe, asking her to run a spectro-analysis on what he claimed was an energy drink but was in fact Vertigo manufactured by his friend "Kevin" to cure hangovers. Felicity questioned him on why the energy drink was in a syringe, and then walked away exasperatedly when Oliver told her he "ran out of sports bottles". She discovered the water in the sample came from an abandoned juvenile center in the East sector of The Glades.

Once she arrived, Felicity admitted that despite the outrageous cover stories Oliver had told her when asking for her help, she somehow trusted him enough to share the information she had collected. Felicity presented Oliver with the copy of The List in her possession, which he claimed to have never seen before. Felicity revealed the notebook belonged to Moira and admitted it may be connected to Walter's disappearance. One night, Felicity left work late and got into her car.

Oliver instructed her to take him to Queen Industrial Inc. When Felicity arrived at the factory, she thoroughly startled Diggle upon showing up in the Arrowcaveasking for his help carrying Oliver in. In the process, Felicity also fixed a defibrillator machine they were using. While Oliver was recovering, John commented on her handling of the revelation The Hood's identity, to which Felicity revealed she was already suspicious from the horrible cover stories they told her for the favors Oliver asked.

Felicity also learned that the "energy drink" vial given to her was Vertigowhich helped Oliver and Diggle take down The Count. After learning how much she has helped already, Felicity agreed to help Oliver in his mission on a provisional basis until Walter was found. Oliver hooded up to target Ken Williamsa name from The List, but Felicity locked him in the Arrowcave to point out that Ken was a single father with a year-old son.

Oliver ignored her objections, prompting Felicity to quit on the belief that it was a bad idea to get involved with his crusade in the first place. Felicity also designed a bug for Oliver to plant on McKenna's phone, which would provide them with information about the Dodger. While Oliver went to investigate, Felicity continued to decrypt the phone. Felicity learned from Oliver that Lawton was the man who killed Diggle's brother, Andy.

Oliver sharply told her to leave, trying to prevent Felicity from becoming involved in Helena's vendetta. This failed, as Helena later broke into the I.

Department of Queen Consolidated and threatened Felicity into hacking the F. Thankfully, Felicity had been in the middle of a call to Oliver's voicemail when Helena showed up, so he immediately arrived at Queen Consolidated upon hearing the commotion.

When did felicity and oliver start dating - Find single man in the US with relations. Looking for romance in all the wrong places? Now, try the. Felicity Megan Smoak, also known by her code name Overwatch, is a fictional character in The CW's Arrowverse franchise. The character was first introduced in . Felicity Megan Smoak is a main character on the show, Arrow, played by Emily Bett Rickards. She is the love interest of Oliver Queen, Ray Palmer, and Cooper.

He found Felicity tied up under her desk and quickly freed her. Felicity explained what happened and apologized for giving Helena Frank's location, though Oliver assured her it wasn't her fault. The attack on Felicity persuaded Oliver to go after Helena with no mercy. In the Arrowcave, Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver watched the news regarding John Nickelone of the people on The List, being acquitted by the district attorney from indictment after one of his buildings being burnt down due to faulty wiring.

However, he had been kidnapped by someone else, so Felicity began looking into anyone who would potentially have a grudge against Nickel. She eventually discovered Nickel being broadcasted live on a website, Glades Betrayedwhich was sent to every IP address in The Glades.

Felicity immediately called Oliver and sent a broadcast link to him and Diggle. They watched as Nickel's kidnapper introduced his victim and gave the latter 30 seconds to defend himself against his crimes. Felicity attempted to track the website's signal, but Nickel was murdered on video. The next day as Felicity worked to decrypt Glades Betrayed, Diggle learned through a contact in the NSA that the creator of the website is a cyber-crusader known as "The Savior".

Just then, Glades Betrayed began broadcasting again, revealing that Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan had been kidnapped next. The Savior accused Carnahan of failing to prosecute the robbers who murdered his wife in a bodega heist. Felicity used this information to discover The Savior's identity as Joseph Falka former computer technician of the Department of Transportation whose wife, Emmahad been killed a year prior.

Given 10 minutes to find Carnahan, Felicity tried to get a lock on the wireless signal of Glades Betrayed in order to find where Carnahan was being held. However, she was unable to pinpoint where the transmission was being sent from and erroneously directed Oliver to 23rd and Myra, then Ocean and Grand. A frustrated Oliver demanded Felicity to find the signal but The Savior shot and killed Carnahan, shocking and upsetting Felicity.

Diggle tried to talk to her, but Felicity ordered him to leave her alone using her "loud voice". Later when Oliver returned to the Arrowcave, a shaken Felicity expressed guilt over her failure to find Carnahan, having never seen anyone die before. Oliver tried and failed to comfort Felicity by reminding her that, in their line of business, they will sometimes lose a battle. Felicity then cited how Oliver being single made sense as she wouldn't know how to talk to anyone about what happened today.

Diggle recognized the background noise in the videos and realized Glades Betrayed was being broadcast underground on a moving subway car in the decommissioned Starling City Subway. Felicity used this to track The Savior's next stop. Oliver hitched a ride on the moving subway car and eventually killed The Savior, saving Roy's life. Afterwards, Oliver reflected on Felicity's earlier comment, rethinking how his personal policy of isolationism was affecting him and those around him.

He assured Felicity that if she ever needed to tell someone about her day, she could talk to him, for which she was thankful. Oliver then noticed that the underground map of the Starling City Subway Felicity had pulled up matched the symbol in The List. Felicity arrived in the Arrowcave to find both Oliver and Diggle already present. Briefly teasing them about their fondness for the hideout, she showed them the news footage revealing that Cecil Adams aka The Count had escapedS from the Starling County Institute of Mental Health, upsetting Oliver; he had already gone to see The Count following of the death of a Verdant partygoer, Veronica Sparksbut discounted the dealer as a suspect due to his mental state.

The next night after Diggle successfully dropped off tagged money by purchasing some Vertigo pills, Felicity activated the trackers slipped into the bills in order to trace the money back to The Count's location.

After Oliver left, Diggle then brought them to the topic of Floyd Lawton, whom Felicity had been secretly tracking at his request. Felicity revealed that Lawton made a series of calls to Alberto Garcia, who arranged the assassin's hits, and gave him a USB of information.

She tried to convince Diggle to let Oliver in on the secret, but he refused and left. Later after tracking the drug money's destination, Felicity sent Oliver the address but he failed to capture the dealers. The next night, Oliver and Felicity heard a report about a Vertigo-related hostage-taking incident in the Starling City Aquarium. As Oliver made a concoction of Lian Yu herbs to use on the addict, Felicity wondered why he wasn't going to kill the man instead.

When Oliver lamented that he should've killed The Count the first time around, Felicity tried assure him that the Vertigo epidemic wasn't his fault, only for Oliver to angrily exclaim that his choice had been wrong since the city was once again in danger due to the drug. Vowing to kill The Count once and for all when he got the chance, Oliver left after instructing Felicity to call Diggle for backup.

Later, Felicity walked into the Arrowcave to find that the equipment had been replaced with the Verdant's inventory and furniture. She questioned this and wondered where Diggle was, to which Oliver answered that it was a "long story".

Directed to look at the autopsy report of the addict from the aquarium, Felicity discovered that the man didn't die of a Vertigo overdose, but from an allergic reaction to chlorpromazine, an anti-psychotic.

Upon checking Veronica's autopsy, Felicity discovered traces of chlorpromazine in her system as well. Oliver realized that the amount of anti-psychotic drugs needed to manufacture the new Vertigo could only be found in a mental institution and promptly left Felicity in the Arrowcave to recheck the psychiatric hospital.

Upon getting in touch with Diggle, Felicity informed him of Oliver's whereabouts. Oliver and Diggle discovered that The Count's psychiatrist, Dr. Webbwas responsible for the new iteration of Vertigo and killed him and his accomplice.

While Oliver and Diggle were working out and talking about Floyd LawtonFelicity refuted Oliver's claim that Lawton was on another continent, explaining that she'd decrypted A.

Felicity told them that Lawton had returned to Starling City thanks to a sting setup by John's friend, A. Felicity pulled the details of the sting for John and Oliver to study and create a counter-plan for, and later monitored the movements of a name on The List, Edward Rasmuswho hired an assassin to kill Laurel Lance 's clients, orphaning their young sonwho also became a target for having seen the assassin's face.

Just before the time for A. He chose Laurel, and when he returned, Felicity was tending to John's head wound. Upset that Oliver chose Laurel yet again, John told him that his absence caused the deaths of four A. Oliver brought Felicity a laptop belonging to Harold Backmanwho laundered money for the white-collar criminals of Starling Cityand asked her to return money to their rightful owners before they turned the laptop over to the IRS.

Felicity tried to convince Oliver to apologize to Diggle for breaking his promise to him, but Oliver stubbornly refused. After a while, Felicity walked into the club to find Oliver conversing with Laurel Lancewhom she now met for the first time. Excusing herself as someone who is fixing Verdant's internet router, Felicity urged Oliver to come with her so she could show him what she'd found, explaining that she hacked Cayman Fidelity and compiled a list of deposits made in the last year and had discovered a payment made on the same day of Walter's disappearance.

She managed to track it to Dominic Alonzowho ran the largest underground casino in the city. With Oliver hesitating to both storm Alonzo's place due to the unknown amount of security guarding the place and his unwillingness to contact John for help, Felicity convinced him to let her get caught counting cards in order to place a bug on Alonzo's computer. Despite his reservations, Oliver bent to Felicity's tenacity but insisted that he plan the mission, which she agreed to.

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Before the mission, Felicity paid a visit to John to try and convince him to help them save Walter, but to no avail. Sometime later, she and Oliver arrived outside Alonzo's casino, where Oliver gave her another chance to back out. When Felicity refused to do so, he assured her that he'd be right outside, and they separated.

With Oliver scouting ahead and providing her the password snapdragonFelicity headed in, detailing how many of Alonzo's employees were in sight and also accidentally rambling at him, much to her chagrin.

Her plan to get caught counting cards went off without a hitch, and she was brought into Alonzo's office. Introducing herself as Megan her middle nameshe planted the bug and agreed to never count cards in Alonzo's casino again, only for them to find the earwig that connected her to Oliver. Having lost contact with her, Oliver stormed the casino and, after getting Felicity out of Alonzo's clutches, reverted to his old method of intimidating his target into confessing the information he wanted.

Alonzo claimed that he heard the gunshot which killed Walter, devastating Felicity and Oliver. Felicity returned to the Arrowcave later that night to find Oliver sitting in the dark. Admitting that she'd been doing the same thing, she tried to extend her condolences to Oliver and his family, only for Oliver to reveal that Walter was still alive.

Oliver explained that his mother, Moira, had known who kidnapped Walter all along, and he'd followed her straight to Malcolm Merlyn after giving them the news that Walter was found dead. Seeing that the least amount of security is on the roof, Oliver chartered a jump plane to parachute down, and when he recovered Walter, Felicity immediately proceeded to the hospital to see him.

Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle were trying to figure out what The Undertaking was and how Moira was involved in it. Oliver decided that it was time he spoke to his mother about it, and when Felicity expressed concern due to what happened the last time he tried that, he told her that he'd be doing it without the hood. When Oliver returned, Felicity was shocked to see the mess his face had become, scolding John and reminding him that he was supposed to pull his punches, indicating that John had told her about the plan Oliver had concocted to make his mother talk.

Oliver asked her to research Unidac Industriesto which Felicity reminded him that Queen Consolidated acquired Unidac Industries at the same time they'd met. Discovering that Unidac Industries specialized in seismic infringement, Oliver theorized that Malcolm planned to level the Glades using a device that triggers a man-made earthquake. Upon finding a news article suggesting that the copycat archer was involved, they realized that the Dark Archer was working for Malcolm Merlyn, and that they were tying up loose ends.

When Felicity decided to hack into Merlyn Global Group to find information about Malcolm's plan, but was stonewalled by the company's firewalls, she expressed that they would have to waltz in to gain access to the company mainframe. Oliver decided to do just that, and Felicity ended up posing as a delivery girl for Big Belly Burger and snuck to the twenty-fourth floor with Oliver. While hacking in, Felicity encountered a guard patrolling the floor earlier than scheduled, and since Oliver was detained by Malcolm himself, John was forced to head up to rescue her, forcing her to pretend to be a Tommy Merlyn groupie.

Later, she told them that she left a Trojan in the mainframe, thinking it would come in handy in the future. The Trojan later alerted them when Malcolm logged onto his computer, prompting Oliver to face him as a distraction while John went to retrieve the earthquake device. However, Felicity's Trojan backfired on her, as Malcolm moved the devices when he discovered the virus. Detective Quentin Lance took Felicity into custody for questioning after police technicians found a computer trail linked with the vigilante's activities that traced back to her computer at Queen Consolidated.

Felicity was later released when Oliver, as the vigilante, contacted Lance to warn him of the impending attack on the Glades. Before leaving, and without blowing her cover, Felicity explained that she had thought the vigilante was a bad person too, until she realized how much he'd sacrificed for Starling City.

She pointed out that it made him more of a hero than Lance gave him credit for. Before Oliver left to confront Merlyn, he told Felicity that he wanted her out of the Glades because of the chance that the Markov Device would go off.

After stealing data from Merlyn Global, Felicity worked with Lance to disarm the earthquake device threatening the Glades, blowing her cover with Lance and confirming that she was definitely in league with the vigilante, in order to prevent the Undertaking.

Though successful in disarming the device, Felicity was stuck in Verdant as the back-up Markov Device was activated and proceeded to destroy the East sector of the Glades. Five months later, Felicity and John tracked Oliver to Lian Yu and traveled to the island to bring him back.

Arrow Cast Talks "Olicity" Sex Scene & Felicity/Oliver Dating Future - Comic Con 2015

For the journey, Felicity chartered an airplane that she and John inevitably parachuted from, much to the former's terror. While searching the island, Felicity stepped on a land mine, which Oliver saved her from by swinging from a tree using a rope arrow. In a bid to cajole him into returning to Starling City, Felicity revealed that Moira's trial was approaching and Queen Consolidated was undergoing a hostile takeover by Stellmoor International which, if successful, would result in Felicity and all the other employees being fired and the Queen family losing the source of their income.

Felicity Smoak (Arrowverse)

The meeting was interrupted by The Hoodswho declared that Oliver had failed the city. As Oliver rushed Isabel out, one of The Hoods members pointed a gun at him and Felicity hit him with a statue. Oliver and Felicity escaped through a window, swinging once again via a chain out the window and into another two floors below, escaping The Hoods. After the attack, Felicity confronted Oliver for not even trying to stop the Hoods, and he responded by citing the bodycount he typically left behind. After Oliver discovered that the Hoods kidnapped Thea, he, Felicity, and John went to the upgraded lair.

Felicity helped Oliver find out information about the Hoods, why they formed, and their location. She then gave Oliver his new bow, which she personally designed.

Back at the hideout, after Oliver defeated the Hoods, they talked about a new way and a new name for the Hood, naming himself the Arrow.

When Oliver promoted Felicity to his executive assistant, she vehemently protested her new position, to which Oliver explained that he needed to keep her close to him due to "how [they] spend [their] nights".

Felicity inevitably stayed on as his assistant, but made it clear she despised her new job and wouldn't resort to typical secretarial duties such as fetching coffee. To stop the Chinese Triad from stealing medicine being delivered to Glades Memorial HospitalFelicity found out where they would strike next, only for the Arrow to be ambushed and incapacitated by Bronze Tiger.

Back at the Arrowcave when Oliver and Diggle had an argument about Laurel, Felicity called Oliver out on his attitude, admonishing him for being so involved with his own troubles that he didn't realize that Diggle and Carly had broken up, partially because of him.

After missing a crucial fundraiser due to stopping the Triad, Oliver was vilified by Alderman Sebastian Blood. In an effort to cheer him up, Felicity gave Oliver a cup of coffee, though just this once. Oliver asked Felicity to keep an eye out on a new vigilante, a blonde woman who seemed like a highly skilled fighter, but they soon re-prioritized to help Officer Quentin Lance with The Dollmaker case. Because of all the times Felicity hacked the SCPD, they'd outsourced their evidence to a facility that she couldn't hack into from the outside.

Oliver and Lance broke into the facility and gave Felicity the connection she needed to retrieve and disseminate the information there, leading to a break in the case. It turned out that all the women used a special type of skin cream called Mermaidenand her skills left Lance mystified at the thought that she can discover all of that with what little information she'd been given in less than a minute, prompting Oliver to smile under the cover of his hood. She then volunteered to be bait for the Dollmaker, going to each boutique and buying Mermaiden.

Quentin pointed out that Felicity must trust The Arrow a lot to be bait for a serial killer. Creeped out, and scared, she vowed to never be bait again, right before she was attacked by the Dollmaker.

The Arrow and Quentin scared him off, but not before Felicity was injured. When she'd recovered, she reported the kidnapping of Quentin and Laurel to Oliver, and managed to provide him with their location. When asked where he was, Felicity opened her communications link to Oliver, only to be startled at the sound of gunfire. Oliver finally arrived, having some blood on his face which Isabel noticed and Felicity tried to excuse away. Later while watching Oliver and Laurel speak during the party, Felicity realized that Laurel had also been in the same two places where the masked blonde vigilante had helped Oliver out, leading her to theorize that it was Laurel, not Oliver, whom the woman was following.

This revelation allowed Oliver to track the woman and learn her real identity: Sara Lance. Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver revealed to Felicity and Diggle that Sara hadn't died on the island, prompting Felicity to question why he hadn't told the Lances about her survival.

An upset Oliver pointed out that because nothing good happened on the island, they were better off not knowing. Later, they set aside the Sara issue to locate the Mayor's hideout to take back stolen weapons crates of military-grade armament.

Felicity later "borrowed" the F. Felicity and Diggle finally met the elusive Sara and the former expressed her happiness regarding Sara's survival despite not having known her before the shipwreck. This amused Sara, who called Felicity "cute".

Oliver told them that he and Sara were attacked inside the Queen Mansion by a man dressed like the Dark Archer, then asked Felicity to analyze a bag of dirt the man had tracked in. Hearing their lack of knowledge on the matter, Sara revealed that the man was named Al-Owala member of the League of Assassins sent to bring her back with him, as she too was a member.

She admitted to murdering a diplomat who was later found by his young children and used it as an example as to why she kept her survival a secret from her family. Later, when Sara apologized to Felicity for upsetting her with her confession, Felicity compared Sara's regret for joining the League of Assassins to her regret of joining a gym membership. Sara thanked Felicity for not making her feel like "what she was" and expressed how lucky Oliver was for having both her and John as friends.

When Oliver arrived, Felicity reported that she'd found pesticide on the dirt he gave her, giving them Al-Owal's possible hideout.

After Sara and Oliver failed to deter him, Felicity volunteered to warn Officer Lance about the possible threat on his life. She confronted Lance at his apartment after his shift, and Lance was seemingly disgruntled by not only her request but her vague explanation.

Lance refused to listen to her, believing that he wasn't in any real danger. Felicity returned to the Arrowcave, announcing her failure, forcing Sara to reveal herself to her father.

Felicity arrived when Isabel was reprimanding Oliver for his lack of interest in the company. Felicity apologized for interrupting, reminding Oliver about his "evening plans". She told him that "Mr. Harper" had information for him while a disbelieving and irritated Isabel listened.

Oliver then told Felicity that she needed to work on her excuses. Unbeknownst to her, Isabel believed she's sleeping with Oliver because of her abrupt job change and asks Oliver multiple times about it. While in the hotel, Felicity helped orchestrate Diggle's capture and coordinated the rendezvous point for his escape. Later that night, Felicity went to fetch Oliver from his hotel room, only to find Isabel exiting his room.

As Isabel left, she looked back over her shoulder and said to Oliver, "I think she can take the night off". Hurt by what Isabel implied, Felicity was visibly shocked by what happened.

While she, Oliver, and Anatoly Knyazev stake out the gulag, Felicity shut down the prison's phones, helping Diggle and Lyla break out. Despite saying "what happens in Russia stays in Russia" while in Moscow, she confronted Oliver about Isabel at Queen Consolidated, suggesting that she had feelings for him.

Oliver gently explained that due to his vigilantism, he believed "it's better to not Felicity voiced her belief that Oliver deserved better and walked off in tears. Felicity took Diggle to the Arrowcave when he passed out in the office and immediately called Oliver. Calling in a favor from a chemist at Queen Consolidated, Felicity had a sample of Diggle's blood analyzed and learned it contained traces of Vertigo. When Oliver arrived, Felicity explained that Diggle had somehow been injected with the drug and his condition was the effects of severe withdrawal.

Cecil Adamswho had broken out of prison, took credit for the outbreak of Vertigo withdrawal among regular people. As Oliver was occupied with his mother's on-going trial, Felicity worked with an ill Diggle to try to figure out why a random mix of people were infected.

After plotting out the employment of each infected person, she found a path and linked that path to the free flu shots that were given around the city. Since Diggle was out of commission and Oliver was at the trial, Felicity decided to check out the immunization truck on her own, and was subsequently abducted by Count Vertigo.

When the Count found Felicity's Queen Consolidated ID badge in her coat, he managed to figure out the Arrow's true identity and called Oliver using her phone, using Felicity as bait to lure Oliver to his office. Despite Felicity urging him not to kill the Count because of her, Oliver shot him in the chest three times, killing him when he moved to inject her with a high concentration of Vertigo. Later, Felicity thanked Oliver for saving her life, then apologized for being the reason he had to choose to kill someone again.

Oliver simply assured her that "there was no choice to make" since her life was in danger. Felicity welcomed Moira Queen back when she paid a visit to the office, laughing at the joke Moira made.

She then accidentally mentioned Moira's stint in prison, causing the latter to immediately leave the room. Minutes later, she and John fetched Oliver to tell him about a break-in at one of QC's Applied Sciences facilities, where a centrifuge had been stolen. After Barry extrapolated a logical, but unbelievable explanation about the thief being super-powered by merely looking at the crime scene, Felicity realized that he knew more about the case than they did and enlisted his help, telling Barry that Oliver wanted to keep the investigation in-house.

During the course of their time together, Felicity exhibited signs of being attracted to Barry, though she was clearly uncomfortable when he mentioned his admiration of the Arrow and his theory that the vigilante had partners, particularly one versed in computer science.

Barry seemed to reciprocate her affections, and though he was briefly surprised to learn that Felicity spent her nights with Oliver, he was reassured when she denied liking Oliver romantically and then asks him to accompany her to the party Oliver was throwing to celebrate his mother's acquittal.

She became angry at Oliver when he revealed that Barry had been misleading them, only for Barry to admit that he was investigating their case due to its possible relation to the events that led to his mother 's death and the wrongful incarceration of his father. Oliver made it up to her by re-inviting Barry to the party, where they share a dance. Later, after Barry received a phone call from his boss demanding he return to Central City at once, Felicity was visibly disappointed that they had to say goodbye.

She proceeded to the Arrowcave to direct Oliver to the thief's next target, only for the thief to overpower Oliver and knock him into a pile of unknown drugs. Felicity and John came to Oliver's rescue, and when she was unable to discover what Oliver was poisoned with, John decided to calldespite Oliver being in full vigilante garb.

Felicity stopped him from making the call, instead asking John to abduct Barry at the train station to ask for his help in saving Oliver. Felicity, John, and Barry worked together to save Oliver, with Barry using a small dose of rat poison to thin Oliver's coagulating blood. When Oliver woke up, he was upset to discover that Felicity had exposed his secret to an outsider without his consent, to which she protested that his life was in danger.

The two had a heated argument, which Barry diffused by pointing out that Oliver was unnecessarily being "a jerk" to Felicity, who only wanted to save Oliver. While Oliver was away, Felicity ran a print that Barry lifted from Oliver's neck through the computer and finds a match, identifying Oliver's physically-enhanced attacker as Cyrus Gold.

As she ran Gold's picture through facial recognition software, targeting traffic cameras to track Gold's location, Barry smugly reminded her about his theory of the vigilante working with partners, and then surprises them by mentioning that he'd kept count of the high-profile cases they'd been involved with.

Oliver soon arrived to question Barry about the side-effects of the rat poison, which included hallucinations and excessive sweating. Felicity correctly realized that Oliver had been hallucinating and asked what he was seeing, only to become visibly annoyed jealous when he mentioned Shadoanother girl he met on the island.

Minutes later, Felicity announced that she had found Gold's location and directed John and Oliver to a motel Gold might be staying in. When Gold managed to hurt John, with him and Oliver narrowly escaping, Oliver told Felicity to call for backup, and she reached out to Officer Lance. Later that day, Barry implied that despite her denying it, he understood why Felicity would like Oliver. They returned with John to find the Arrowcave in disarray, though Oliver denied that they'd had a break-in and didn't explain what happened.

After Barry told Oliver that his hallucinations weren't being caused by any drugs in his system, Felicity found a police report detailing Quentin's injuries and the death of several officers, including Quentin's former partner and friend, Lucas Hilton.

Oliver left to speak with Quentin and returned with a key that Felicity tracked back to a place in the Glades. When Oliver prepared to face Gold once more, Felicity tried to stop him and failed, so she asked him to promise that he'd come back, but he didn't. To John and Felicity's relief, Oliver returned mostly intact, and she rushed to hug him while he assured them that he'd stopped hallucinating, though he also warned them that they had to keep an eye on Roy Harperwho'd been injected with the same serum that gave Gold his enhanced abilities.

He told her that he arrived too late to attend the activation of the S. Labs particle accelerator, but that if she ever decided to go on a date with someone who wasn't Oliver Queen marking the first time her romantic feelings for Oliver are blatantly mentionedthen that someone wouldn't be late for their date. Barry mentioned that he'd left a present for Oliver: a mask.

Felicity helped Oliver put it on, becoming the first person to see him as the Arrow. When asked how he looked, Felicity told him that he looked like a hero. Felicity had gone to Central City to stay with Barry, who was in a coma after being struck by lightning. After she returned, Officer Lance asked the Arrow if his "blonde friend" could hack the cell phone records of his fellow policemen to see which one tipped off Cyrus Gold. It was later implied but not directly stated by Officer Lance that Felicity did, indeed, trace the cell phone records of the policemen at the precinct and relayed them to Lance.

As Oliver replied, another bomb went off. He instantly contacted Felicity and she tried to help him find the bomber, Shrapnel. Felicity tracked him while Oliver followed in a high-speed chase. She lost Shrapnel's signal and he ended up escaping. Oliver blamed her, claiming she was distracted by Barry.

When she angrily left, Diggle told Oliver "I think you didn't have a problem with Felicity's performance until she met Barry Allen".

Though their argument was still unresolved, a very concerned Felicity helped Oliver escape one of Shrapnel's booby traps by identifying the trap's power source. Afterwards, Oliver apologized to Felicity, admitting he relied on her more than he thought he did, and acknowledged her as his partner. Felicity conducted a polygraph test for the Arrow via Bluetooth, determining that the man Oliver was interrogating knew nothing about Brother Blood.

While Diggle was skeptical of Laurel's theory and blamed it on paranoia, Felicity seemed to think that it was credible and decided to look into it. Felicity researched Blood's past, but was unable to find any electronically-stored information, all of it being held in a file at the Starling City Archives.

She assisted the Arrow in the Archives, maneuvering him through the building and helping him and Laurel avoid the police when they eventually came. She explained that since the earthquake, more prisoners had escaped and the prison officials had been working overtime to conceal any breakouts since "Iron Heights is better at keeping secrets then it is at keeping prisoners".

Felicity later interrupted one of Roy Harper 's training sessions, informing the Arrow that Turner had just suspiciously stolen blueprints to Malcolm Merlyn's mansion. When Oliver returned from the mansion, she fingerprinted a watch that he had taken from one of the mercenaries. After scanning several databases, she discovered that the thief in question worked for Milo Armitageand was ultimately able to track him down based on a shipment that was based at the Starling City docks.

Felicity left the Arrowcave and went upstairs to Verdant to deliver this news to Oliver, where she once again met Laurel, who was highly intoxicated. After Oliver revealed his identity to Roy, he brought the latter to the Arrowcave. Felicity and Diggle met Roy for the first time, officially welcoming him onto the team.

When Roy asked if their group had a name, Felicity declared they were " Team Arrow ". Felicity questioned Walter about a wire transfer Moira made from a flagged account on Tempest. Walter assured her he would talk to Moira about it, but Felicity knew he was lying.

She traced the wire payment to Dr. Gillthe obstetrician who delivered Thea. Remembering Moira's testimony about her affair with Malcolm, Felicity connected the dots and realized Thea was Malcolm's daughter. Afterwards, she stopped by the Queen Mansion and informed Moira of her discovery, urging the matriarch to tell Oliver and Thea herself.

Taking advantage of Felicity's feelings for Oliver, Moira manipulated her into keeping the secret, claiming that while Oliver would be angry at his mother for lying to him, he would also blame Felicity for telling him. This ordeal lead Felicity to become distracted and withdrawn, which began to concern Oliver. Felicity helped Sara by finding out that the Tibetan pit viper venom used to poison Laurel was acquired from the local zoo.

She tracked down a license plate that may be connected to Nyssa al Ghulthe daughter of Ra's al Ghul. At Moira's campaign event, Oliver gently confronted Felicity, wondering what was bothering her. Unable to keep this secret from him any longer, Felicity revealed to Oliver that she doesn't talk a lot about her family because her father abandoned her and her motherwhich deeply hurt her. She explained to Oliver her fear of losing him. Oliver assured her he wouldn't, which lead Felicity to tell him the truth about Thea's parentage.

Not only are our main Arrow players no longer teaming up together against Star City's big bads, but it looks like Felicity has started dating. Although her new boyfriend is initially kept out of sight, he eventually leans down, and we find out that Felicity is dating Tyler Ritter's Detective. Arrow felicity and oliver dating - Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man.

After Sara joined the team, Felicity began to feel left out as Sara, Oliver, and Diggle traded stories of their battle scars. She took her frustration out on a training dummy, only for Sara to give her some pointers on self-defense. When William TockmanAKA the Clock King, stole the Skeleton Keya device that could access any computer system, Felicity tried to stop him, but he managed to divert their attention to stopping a near-collision with a bus and a train.

Felicity soon felt insecure and left out again when Sara revealed her aptitude for chemistry, genetics, and computers to study Tockman's blood. Felicity discovered that Tockman's sister, Beverly Tockmanwas suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and all the money he stole was to pay for her lung transplant. Based on his sister's address, the Arrow and the Canary tracked Tockman down. However, this proved to be a trap, as Tockman waited for Felicity to hack the device he had planted and was able to backtrack and trace the computer system to the Arrowcave.

Using the Skeleton Key, Tockman destroyed the Arrowcave's computer systems. As an upset Felicity assessed the damage, Oliver told her to call Walter and liquidateshares of Queen Consolidated as bait for Tockman. After Oliver and Sara left, Diggle tried to get Felicity to open up about her thoughts regarding Oliver's relationship with Sara, implying that she's feeling upset because of her growing feelings for Oliver.

Diggle tried to affirm to Felicity that she's "irreplaceable". After Felicity placed the liquidated shares into Oliver's account at Starling National BankTockman quickly took their bait, and she tried to stop him alone. Oliver, Sara, and Diggle managed to find her before Tockman did, but while Oliver dealt with Tockman's men and Diggle stopped a gas main from exploding, Felicity and Sara found Tockman.

Felicity took a bullet for Sara and was shot in the shoulder. Using the same virus that fried her systems, Felicity used Tockman's phone to knock him out. Back at the Arrowcave, Sara patched her up, thanking Felicity for saving her.

Felicity, high on Oxycodone which she believed to be aspirinwas pleased that she finally had a scar of her own.

Felicity Smoak

Oliver asked if she had really been feeling left out and Felicity admitted that she had gotten used being Oliver's "girl-girl". Oliver assured her that she would always be his girl. After there was no response, Felicity initially believed Oliver butt-dialed her and put the call on speakerphone. Sara heard Slade's voice and realized that Oliver and his family were in immanent danger. When the rest of the team left, Felicity used thermal imaging software to track the movements of Thea, Moira, and Slade on their tour of the house, therefore directing Diggle, Sara, and Roy on their mission throughout the Queen Mansion.

Diggle began staking out Felicity's apartment in case Slade decided to attack her. She came to his car early in the morning and him a mug of hot chocolate. Felicity convinced Diggle to go home, pointing out that Diggle wouldn't be able to take on Slade if he decided to come after her. Later in the Arrowcave, Felicity began tracking any type of automotive movement in Starling City based on car titles and rental agreements, looking for anything under the name of Slade Wilson.

She then alerted Oliver to a robbery at 5th and Giffen. Felicity was also able to locate Slade Wilson 's headquarters using information supplied to Oliver by the Bratva Alexi Leonov. When Oliver planned on meeting Slade at his headquarters, Felicity futilely tried to discourage him, emphasizing that Oliver was no match for Slade and that he'd be killed if he went. Felicity stated that she had been "keeping tabs" on Helena Bertinelli 's global activity for the last year. After the Arrow, the Canary, and Roy were unsuccessful in finding Helena, Felicity found out that a "frat boy" gave her a ride into town and attempts to track Helena down.

Throughout the event, both Felicity and Diggle were very verbally expressive of their feelings for Helena, constantly referring to her as "Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend".

Felicity gave Oliver a month's worth of phone messages and reminded him about Queen Consolidated's annual board meeting, warning him that there was no way the CEO could avoid attending it. When Thea was abducted by Slade, Felicity was adamant on tracking her down; she compiled a list of Verdant's customers from the previous night based on receipts, traced the credit card numbers which connected to to their cell phones, and pinged them, looking at all of their photos.

When Diggle commented on how much work that was, Felicity simply replied, "It's Thea". She found a partial picture of a car that was registered to Slade, and hacked into its GPS.

Later in the night when Slade was released from police custody, Felicity lead the rest of Team Arrow over the comms, tracking the car Slade had entered. However, Slade somehow multiplied the signal into other identical vehicles, allowing him to escape.

Roy became angry at Oliver and blamed him for Thea's kidnapping, attacking Diggle in his fury while Felicity tried in vain to calm him down.

Just then, Felicity received an alert from Queen Consolidated and learned Isabel had taken control of the company. Felicity encouraged Oliver when everyone else thought that it was futile, telling him "Go get Thea. Stop Slade. End this once and for all. Using the Skeleton Key, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and Sara infiltrated and planted explosives around the building in order to prevent Slade and Isabel's further use of its technology.

When Slade surprised the team in the Arrowcave, Felicity was not hurt or even attacked, but later discovered that he stole the Skeleton Key from them. When Slade broke into S. LabsDiggle and Felicity investigated to find out what Slade attempted to steal from them. When they refused to tell her what had been stolen, Felicity hacked Harrison Wells ' personal files to find out. She prided herself on doing so, saying "he's the director of S.

Labs, which basically makes me unstoppable. When Oliver arranged a meeting with Thea, Felicity called him and interrupted, informing him that the transfuser just went online.

She tracked the location but told him to wait to stop Slade, thinking Oliver's conversation with Thea was more important. Later, when Oliver revealed that there was a cure for the MirakuruFelicity went to S. Labs to have an antidote created. Felicity continued investigating Isabel's apparent death and told Diggle that S.

Labs was still working on the Mirakuru cure. Roy destroyed her computers after he woke up and left before he could do any more damage. Felicity called Oliver and Sara at the same time with the news that Roy escaped. She helped them track him while on his rampage. She also assisted Oliver with his hurt knee and helped him inject an entire bottle of Lidocaine into his knee.

Throughout the crisis, contrasting with Sara's darker perspective, Felicity emphasized that Roy could still be saved. Felicity attended Moira's funeral with Diggle. While not personally fond of Moira, Felicity nonetheless grieved for Oliver.

During the reception, she and Diggle ran into a newly-resurrected Isabel, who both startled and threatened them. Felicity wondered where Oliver was and why he did not attend his own mother's funeral, and began looking for him through every means possible.

She wondered if Oliver was dead, but learned that he was not when she and Diggle visited Amanda Wallerwho informed them that Oliver was at his secondary lair. Felicity and Diggle found him, and when Oliver told them that he was going to turn himself over to Slade, Felicity tried to talk him out of it. She told him that if she had accepted things, "I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother and I never would have gone to college and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when told me I could be more than just an I.

They knocked Oliver out, brought him back to the Arrowcave, and revealed that Laurel knew his secret. Felicity then interrogated her first victim, Clinton Hogue. Using only her tablet, she hacked into Hogue's bank accounts and tediously siphoned away enough money until he gave in. Later, stationed in a van rather than the Arrocave, Felicity directed Diggle to plant a charge that should kill all of Blood's men.

Before the charge was set, she reminded Oliver how hard he'd worked not to kill anyone. Cisco then called Felicity from S. Upon answering, Felicity initially tried to explain to him how this wasn't an appropriate time until she heard what Cisco had to say. After Isabel ambushed and overpowered Diggle, she asked him where Felicity was, expressing her desire to kill the latter.

She was immediately interrupted by Felicity hitting her with a van. She and Diggle escaped and reconvened with Oliver, where Felicity announced that there was a S. Labs courier en route with the Mirakuru cure.

Felicity called the courier, only to find that he had been attacked by one of the Mirakuru-enhanced prisoners.

She pinged his phone, and she, Diggle, and Oliver drove the van to find his location. On their way, however, Slade's soldiers managed to crash the van. Felicity was the most severely injured of the three, being knocked unconscious by a head wound. Oliver carried her until she could walk, but by that time, the cure had already been taken by Slade. They held base in the clocktower, where Roy was being held. Oliver told Felicity that he blamed himself for what was happening to the city.

She told him that he wasn't done fighting because Slade still had to be defeated, and even though she didn't know how, she knew that, "you are not alone, and I believe in you.

What if it doesn't work? What if it kills him? What if he wakes up and kills us? Oliver hesitantly decided to test it on Roy anyway after they discovered that A.

Felicity, Roy, and Oliver left the destroyed clocktower to head to the Arrowcave. While they were working to assemble arrows that contain the Mirakuru cure, Roy asked Felicity if he had been unconscious ever since Slade had kidnapped him. She lied to him, telling him "you were out the whole time", most likely to prevent him from discovering how deep the damage had been when he was unstable.

Seconds later, members of the League of Assassins entered the Arrowcave. There, she met Nyssa al Ghul for the first time, introducing herself as "Felicity Smoak. When Lance saw Nyssa, the Canary, and the Arrow, he tried to convince Oliver to break his no-killing promise. She reminded Oliver that he had made a promise that he had to keep. She explained that the only reason that Slade was still after him was because Oliver tried to kill him on the island when he had the chance to cure him instead.

Oliver told her that he cannot defeat Slade otherwise, she told him to "make him out-think you". Oliver unexpectedly brought Felicity to the Queen Mansionapparently trying to keep her safe. Confused, she asked why. Oliver told her that he couldn't have her getting hurt. He left her alone in the mansion; Slade abducted her from the mansion afterwards, called Oliver and revealed that he had the one Oliver loved most: Felicity. Oliver went to meet Slade where he was holding Felicity captive.

He began talking to Slade, distracting him, and Felicity, who was being held with Slade's sword to her neck, injected the Mirakuru cure into him. Flashbacks revealed that Oliver planned the "I love you" because he knew about Slade's cameras in the mansion and used it as a ploy for Felicity to get near Slade with the cure that Oliver had given her inside the mansion.

While on the island, Felicity confessed that she believed Oliver's declaration of love for a moment, telling him, "you really sold it". Oliver simply smiled and responded, "we both did. Confused, Felicity wondered how Oliver learned to fly a plane if he was stranded on the island for 5 years. Not long after their defeat of Slade, Felicity helped the Arrow and Roy as they grappled on to a "drug plane". As they struggled to hold on, she tried to hack the plane's Wi-Fi.

Unable to get a clean signal, the team went with "plan B". After they knocked out most of the plane's occupants, Oliver flew the plane back to stability, putting Felicity's auto-pilot gadget on to the dashboard to fly the plane. However, not all of the occupants had been knocked out, and one was able to shoot Roy, before himself getting an arrow through the chest.

Oliver eventually caught Roy, who had fallen from the plane, and they performed surgery on him back at the foundry. After deciding to patiently wait till Roy woke up, Felicity told Oliver that he needed a new place to live, as the Arrowcave was comparable to a cave. However, Felicity proceeded to accidentally imply that she wanted Oliver in her bed, as opposed to her intended message of a bed owned by her.

Roy's condition eventually stabilized, though Felicity was not so sure, and made Oliver promise to take him to Starling General Hospital if it worsened. As they talked to Diggle about their recent batch of supplies, Felicity noticed a hostage situation on the top of Winick Towerand Oliver soon went to sort it out. After a run-in with a member of the Church of BloodLaurel arrived at the Arrowcave and relayed some information regarding a resurfaced Brother Blood.

The team reasoned that it had to be someone other than the original Brother Blood, Sebastian, as he was dead unless of course, as Felicity noted, he had somehow miraculously been brought back from the dead. Oliver went to check out St. Walker's Churchan abandoned orphanage where Sebastian had grown up. When he didn't check in, Felicity began to worry, leading to Diggle deciding to go for backup.

Suddenly, Sara brought in Diggle, who was badly beaten up. Felicity was overjoyed to Sara again. While Sara went back out to retrieve Oliver, Diggle explained how a seemingly drugged Oliver tried to fight him. Once Sara and Oliver returned, Felicity ran tests on Oliver's blood, finding traces of psychotropic drugs, more specifically mushrooms. Oliver promptly woke up, explaining that one of Blood's men had likely injected him with some. Felicity headed home that night, coming across Abel and a number of other Church of Blood members, claiming to want to take her to Brother Blood.

Once there, Felicity began talking to Brother Blood, deducing that he was obviously not Sebastian, though she was scared by the mask nonetheless. Their chat was suddenly cut short by a commotion outside, caused by Caleb Greenwho subsequently snapped Abel 's neck and fled. Felicity attempted to stop Oliver from coming, believing it to be a trap, but Blood made plans anyway to meet him on the roof of Kord Industries.

He subsequently revealed himself as Clinton Hogue to Felicity, much to her shock. Felicity was taken by a mercenary group affiliated with Hogue, the Renegades. She began talking a lot, which annoyed Bartek Kuranskiand she assured them that he would be injured by an arrow to the knee.

Suddenly, the Arrow smashed through glass from the ceiling, along with Arsenal and The Huntress. As predicted, she was taken by Kuranski, but Oliver shot him through the knee, before being kicked in the crotch by Felicity.

Before anyone could do anything, Lyle Bolton electrocuted everyone and took Felicity and Helena. Given a choice between them, Oliver picked the latter. The two exchanged forced pleasantries, before they tied up the mercenaries, left the police a tip and left via the helicopter. As they flew away, Clinton appeared and began to try and kill Roy. Oliver jumped from the driver's seat and Felicity was forced to take control.

Roy eventually kicked Clinton off the helicopter, causing the latter to plummet to his death. Afterwards, the group returned home. Oliver shot off the bottle cork with an arrow before they shared the wine. Felicity injured by Werner Zytle.

Who is felicity dating

Felicity now works at Tech Village as a sales assistant, Oliver and Diggle call her on the job, to which she dismisses the customer and runs into the back room saying that someone is calling for tech support. She mentions that they John and Oliver are going to get her "so incredibly fired" - indicating this is not the first time they've called her whilst she's working; Oliver asks her if she likes Italian, for their date that night.

Felicity tells Oliver that he is in the middle of a high speed chase and Oliver tells her that he is multitasking. Felicity quickly helps Diggle and Oliver pinpoint their target's location, then tells Oliver that yes, she loves Italian before running back to the store's counter. There, she is faced with a man who wants to buy a piece of hardware. She is, at first, wary of his knowledge of the hardware he's purchasing, but soon makes small talk about hacking and finds out they have something in common.

He reveals that he knows who she is and asks her what she's doing working there. She asks him how he knows who she is. The man doesn't answer her question, but instead tells her that he knows someone who wants to hire someone with her expertise.


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