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  • 15.09.2019
  • by Tegul

Installing water pressure guage system - Evinrude V-4

How to install a Temperature Sensor & Gauge on Outboard Motor

I have a question maybe someone can answer. There is a fitting on the back of the block with a hose but it looks as if nothing was ever connected to it. There is low pressure water coming out of it. Trace the hose that comes off the fitting on the back of the motor. It is likely the water pressure gauge hose and may be plugged off somewhere in the engine or in the boat.

I want to make sure all is OK before I mount this on my boat. The tell tale has a good stream coming out of it. I let this motor idle for 30 minutes and the temp only reached degrees for the motor and degrees for the EMM. I have searched all over the internet for information on this connection and even the manual on the motor that came with the software with no luck.

If this is the pressure gauge connection, maybe there is an obstruction somewhere. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Post clear focused photos of the engine block from the top, full back, and from both sides to help narrow down what motor you have. Yes, I'm pretty sure you are correct.

2003 Ficht 225 water pressure gauge connection

I found last night an installatiion manual online from BRP which confirmed where to connect the gauge and the flow will be only about 3psi during idle. The pressure does increase when the RPM's increase but I do not want to rev it over rpm's only on muffs.

Temp gauge and WP fitting...

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Bill, your knowledge is second to none sir! This motor is not exactly an I have dubbed it " Johnny Cash ".

Evinrude water pressure gauge hook up

It would start and idle just fine but would activate the SLOW mode and alarm for no oil. Two previous owners could not figure out why. I began researching possible reasons why, but things just didn't add up. The oil injection worked and would read oil pressure on the switch but the computer did not see the input. With a lot of help from the good folks at DFI, we figured out what exactly someone had done.

OUTBOARD RIGGING EVINRUDE E-TEC 60° V MODELS – HP Water Pressure Gauge To display engine water pressure, install a water pressure hose. Sep 12, - Hello, I have a Evinrude Ficht , I need to know where to connect a water pressure gauge on the motor. I have purchased a new gauge  hp Johnson Water Pressure Gauge Install Page: 1 - iboats. Aug 16, - How hard is it to install? And since Mercury/quicksilver doesn't make one, is there a quality brand recommended? And if I dont want to run it to  Evinrude water pressure gauge - Marine Engine.

The model and serial on the mid section indicated a mfr date which would make it a small block After running numbers on the injectors, computer and block comparrisons, it had 03 computer, injectors, and is a 3.

The block is a Re-man and has psi on each cylinder.

BRP Evinrude Installation Manual Page 66

The lower unit had even been re-built. At this point, I decided it was too good to just use for parts. DFI changed the software to an 01 model which had the same firing order for the crank sensor to read correctly and the one wire input for the OMC style oil pressure switch.

I did find late last night a BRP installation manual online which did show this is where the gauge connects. It also indicates that at idle this motor will only be about 3psi.

I guess I'm just being overly cautious and was comparing it to my Mercury which idles at about 8psi. Again, Thank You for the input.

It is greatly appreciated! BTW, the boat I plan on installing this motor on is green so I went with a custon color with custon decals. It turned out pretty nice. The dark blue would have clashed with the green. The block in not a 3.

Outboard water pressure gauge installation. Oct 9, - Question – Water Pressure Gauge Install, Outboard expert, How to boost H.P. on Johnson, Gear Ratio, Water Pressure Gauge, Battery not. I recently purchased an 03 Evinrude model EFHLSTA. Where do I connect the hose for the water pressure gauge? There is a fitting on.

Those had a blow-off valve on top of the engine block that looks like an octopus and came out in ' Your block is a 3. I've used Johnny Cash's Cadillac building song to describe engines before. Wow, that's interesting. It wouldn't even start. One of the key questions asked was what the flywheel looked like.

The flywheel is shaped like a top hat and has a date code on it.

Mar 2, - Where/how on the block do i install a water pressure guage on a 75hp evinrude with hustler exhaust? Your engine does not have a port to hook up a water pressure gauge. Some mechanically minded owners have drilled and tapped into the. And once I have a second tell-tale, where and how do I tap the system for a water pressure gauge pick-up? Could be electric or analog, I don't  73 Evinrude Water Pressure Gauge Installation.

What we do know is the codes for the injectors indicaate 03 and so is the computer as DFI re-programmed it and checked it out. Thanks again for the input. Is there a plug to be removed from the engine block, or a hose that has to be spliced?

This motor is on a Ranger R Tags: None. September 13th,AM. Re: Water pressure gauge hook up Good evening Rangerman. I bought a Teleflex gauge kit couple weeks ago. It said to splice or tee into pee hole line. I dont know if it matters,but some say to not use pee hole,just connect gauge in place of pee hole. Teleflex Says tee into it and leave pee hole open. It might be its a steam vent for the heads. But ither way the gauge will work.

Comment Post Cancel. September 14th,AM. Re: Water pressure gauge hook up James, Thanks for the reply I looked at that option first.


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