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  • 14.09.2019
  • by Faushakar

How to Install an Oil Pressure Gauge . It Still Runs

Oil pressure Sensor- Diagnose and Replace on a Boat

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Purchase an oil pressure gauge that is compatible with the car. The gauge should be found near the oil filter and the engine.

Make certain that all wiring connections are properly detached before pulling the gauge out of the car.

When the old gauge is removed, insert the new oil gauge into the slot and begin with the wiring process. First of all, detach the negative battery cable. Now connect the red wire from the oil pressure gauge to a positive 12 volt ignition source.

If the source does not have a fuse, make sure to install a fuse about 20 inches from the connection of the source. An additional circuit accessory can be purchased and added to the fuse panel for this purpose. Connect the yellow wire to the un-switched positive 12 volt constant.

This can be done indirectly through the fuse panel of the vehicle or directly to the battery.

Now connect the red wire from the oil pressure gauge to a positive 12 volt ignition source. It can also be connected to any positive 12 volt source that turns off or. I just bought a mechanical oil pressure gauge and idk where to hook it up to. there is a bolt on the back side of the engine toward the bottom by the timing belt .

If the source does not have a fuse, make sure to install a fuse inline about 20 inches from the connection of the source. Find More Posts by millerd. View iTrader Profile.

I just tapped mine and installed my 96 S10 sending unit into it. Mine didn't have the boss either.

Where to hook up oil pressure gauge sbc - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and. An oil pressure gauge can be a good indicator of your engine's health, Splice the power wire for the gauge light into the existing gauge light wiring harness. got a oil pressure sending unit for my gauge and its electrical. wondering if i could hook it up to the block right besides the oil filter and run my wire. also is the .

There seems to be enough thickness there to work. I set mine into a drill press vise, then set the table at slight angle. Works so far.

Electric oil pressure gauges are easy for a DIY-mechanic to install, whether replacing a faulty oil Connect the signal wire to the post on the back of the gauge. These Racetech Plastic Oil Pressure hookup kits have a flat face 1/8 BSP female fitting on the gauge end and a standard 1/8 BSP female fitting on the engine. Q: So this car is being used for circle-track racing, and I'm hooking up an aftermarket gauge cluster. The current oil pressure sending unit is just.

Find More Posts by eagleuh1. Geezer's Garage. More oil sender options. Don't know if this will help with your Avalanche pan but my Envoy engine has two threaded and plugged holes at the left rear of the pan maybe for an oil cooler?

I replaced one of the plugs with an adapter fitting and hooked up the plastic tube that goes to the pressure gauge I'm using on my temporary test stand. I also have a GTO oil pan and it has the same plugs at the rear plus the tit shaped cover at the left front of the pan just above the oil filter.

The cover and the plugs are all joined together by two tubes inside the pan.

See pix for a clearer explanation. Attached Thumbnails.

Visit Geezer's Garage's homepage! Find More Posts by Geezer's Garage. I just removed the LSx oil pressure sending unit from behind the intake and put a metric to american adapter in with my sending unit. The computer does not use the oil pressure sending unit, it is just there for the gauge cluster. Visit G-Body's homepage! Find More Posts by G-Body. Bimmer Tech. Originally Posted by Geezer's Garage.

How to Install an Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge

Find More Posts by Bimmer Tech. Find More Posts by datboibrad. Originally Posted by G-Body. Find More Posts by red90cobra.

I know I ordered it online. The adapter I bought was in a kit with of them, and it was made by equus sp? Still working on the 58 truck with 5. But I thought I provide a progress report.

Oil pressure hook up

This adapter's walls are quite thin, the one I used broke off as I was snugging it in; you can imagine the verbs that accompanied my "no! Next, I got an Auto Meter metric adapter The temp sensor did not fit as the adapter hole was too small. Carefully drilled it out and installed.

Seems to be good.

Oil Pressure Gauge and Warning Light Install

Will pull pressure sending unit at rear, but having trouble finding socket to pull it. Anyone know what size will fit? Find More Posts by stealth Ok, here is the summary about my solution. This relates to my effort to hookup a 5 gauge Auto Meter electronic set to my 5. Re the oil pressure sensor: used the psi pressor sensor that came with the kit, attached to the top rear of the engine where the oil pressure sensor was located.

This is the solution recommended by most folks. I have been advised to use anti-sieze on all fittings to the engine. Also, I will complete the installation once I get a crush ring for the Equus adaptor.

The alternative to this location is above the oil filter. My issue with this was that I had no boss to tap; my cover was "tit" shaped. This places the sensor near the headers, so some plumbing may be necessary. A possible disadvantage to this location suggested by some is the sender's life may be shortened by the heat.

So if you have the room between your firewall and the top rear of the engine, the "top engine" location may be better. Alternatively, a remote sender might be located on the firewall using adapters and braided hose. The Equus adapter was thin-walled and broke off as I tightened it. Use caution on install, anti-sieze, and you should get by with it; or get the adapter and drill it out to fit the sender that comes with the guage kit. My solution was to scrap the latter and just get the sender which fits into the adaptor, which comes with a crush ring.

Hopefully my information will be useful those working on 5. I have got much useful information thru this site and thank everyone who has responded.

I'll keep you folks updated on my efforts. Best regards D Miller.

I was able to remove the oil pressure sensor in the back of the block with an adjustable wrench Even if I would have done damagae to the sensor, if you're not using it no need to buy a special tool to remove it. Just my two cents.


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