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Main -> Matchmaking -> Pakistani taxi app offers ride with a marriage matchmaker - Samaa Digital
  • 08.11.2019
  • by Mosar

Pakistani taxi app offers ride with a marriage matchmaker - Samaa Digital

Bike Condition Requirements for Careem in Karachi - Captains Earning for Full Time & Part Time

The offer, valid till July 20 th midnight, took many customers by surprise. Others also expressed their disgust over the cheap marketing tactic. Asked my colleagues to translate. Careem has lost their mind as much as I have lost hope from this world. This was actually creepy. Careem Karachi Rishta Taxi morning pic.

Sheikha grew up in Karachi and went to Stanford for graduate studies.

Careem, setting up business in Pakistan circawas a sort of homecoming. I used Careem in the UAE recently. A limo was so tempting that I took one, sitting all alone in the expansive posterior, to a mall only a few kilometres from my hotel. When I ordered an economy Careem in Dubai, a Lexus showed up.

I thought I'd made a mistake but the captain confirmed that it was an economy car. He was from Pakistan. Where's the economy in this, I asked? He has a Pink Suzuki Alto, cc.

Matchmakers or phone: 21pm. We try to provide low latency matchmaking service with a costly rivalry by extreme arts sciences. Tawkify is careem, reliable ride. Careem is no stranger to cashing in on the particularities of Pakistani culture, be it their coupons that reduce fare to reach local events, or the. What would happen if you married an old custom — matchmaking — with something modern, like the ride-sharing app on your smartphone? Users of Careem, one of the country's most popular ride-sharing apps, woke up last week to this pop-up message on their phone: "Rishta Aunty Has.

Still, he says while driving me to the airport, he makes nowhere near the money that was advertised. At the end of it all, I get around 40, rupees in saving. Twenty per cent of a ride fare goes to the company.

The money they make depends entirely on the amount of rides they pick up on a day-to-day basis, and the bonuses they earn from that. When they get their bonuses is where they really make the money. Then there are the possible problems with customers. Complaints and low ratings are heavily penalised. Ghafoor says he was fined 14, rupees in a single week once. Map not working properly? Who is the customer going to complain against?

The driver. Then the driver is going to be penalized.

I first took a Careem a little more than a year ago in Karachi, when I .. saw this as an interesting and novel way to approach matchmaking. LAHORE - Forget making profiles on matrimonial websites or taking family's recommendations, and just take a Careem ride to find your life. ISLAMABAD: A Pakistan app-based taxi service has launched an unusual add on, offering passengers the chance to share their ride with a.

Not the customer. Not the MD for failing to upgrade the Pakistani servers. He sometimes thinks about giving it up and taking up a part-time job somewhere.

Not everyone waves away these problems as easily. Earlier this year, President of the Careem Employees Association for Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Aman Butt, led a protest outside the Islamabad Press Club saying that the government needs to regulate Careem and make the company treat its captains better.

Hala - Book Dubai's most affordable ride on Careem

He complained that the fares are too low compared to fuel costs and wanted a base wage for the captains, independent of fares or bonuses. Some I met did this as an evening shift after their day job in the services sector, borrowing cars from friends or bosses.

But I also met one who was a partner in a property business and did this to supplement his income, because he said he could take care of his business over the phone.

Careem, a popular ride-sharing app in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, is introducing a new feature in a bid to attract lovelorn humans in Pakistan. Careem says the feature allows riders to opt for a “rishta aunty”—a matchmaker to accompany them on their rides. People in Pakistan had mixed feeling after Careem - an Uber-like taxi hailing app - announced it will have a 'rishta aunty' accompany them on. ARY NewsVerified account. @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL. ARY News is a Pakistani news channel committed to bring you up-to-the minute news.

He conversed with me in English. Neither do they want to limit themselves this way.

Careem Go can be anything. Careem Go Plus and Business have to be bigger cars, not hatchbacks. Uber was founded in and was introduced in Pakistan last year around the same time as Careem. When contacted, Uber insisted their app belies the need for a helpline: "Our advanced technology makes it possible to focus on the safety and comfort of riders and drivers before, during, and after every trip in ways that have never been possible before — this is the reason we prefer that customer service is done through our app.

Five months ago, I had to leave Marriott Hotel to go back to the F sector in Islamabad and realised I would save time just using the yellow-coloured Mehrans outside rather than calling a Careem. I got in the cab, made some small talk and asked the man what he thought of the cab hailing service. He was understandably unhappy.

Pakistani taxi app offers ride with a marriage matchmaker

Careem is aware of the barrage of criticism that came their way after the 'Rishta Aunty' gimmick. Naqvi politely terms it as a marketing ploy that some people found off-centre. He was upset that this international corporation was undercutting his business.

He laughed when I said that a Careem would have charged me less to get to my destination, that taxis are too expensive. It is accused of operating as a middleman. The petition asked for criminal prosecution of the drivers and impounding of all vehicles operating as taxis without the permit to do so.

This Ride-Sharing App Now Offers Matchmaking, Too

A notification was issued to the traffic police and the Lahore Transport Company to stop the utilisation of private cars for commercial purposes without registering with any regulatory body or obtaining route permits for their vehicles. Dubai has many such companies but only Careem and Uber have online services.

This has meant that regulators have been slow to recognise and decide their status. Pure online services have no business being regulated by transport authorities but given the size at which Careem is operating and the number of vehicles under its banner, transport authorities have been slowly waking up to the possibility that yes, they need to recognize it as a transport company. Naqvi says that Careem wants to work with governments, regulatory bodies and transporters to reach a solution that keeps everyone happy.

When I asked him about these numbers, he referred me to Naqvi, who is in charge of producing these hot takes and sound bites. Naqvi was a bit skittish about a straightforward breakdown of the figures.

Careem has created tens of thousands of jobs. Now that we are offering bike services and rickshaws the number is increasing even faster. Every day, hundreds of Careem captains register on our online platform to connect their vehicles with end users. He says in many cases, the vehicles these captains are driving are given out by vendors or private car owners.

These people have become entrepreneurs who are making a good income from their vehicles.

Careem matchmaking

Many of them have put in more than one car in Careem and a few manage a large fleet of vehicles. How many vehicles are operating under the ambit of Careem?

An actual middle-aged woman, who works as a professional matchmaker, would take your details and find you a suitable list of matches. Many women found this offensive and invasive. They also cited the presence of the captain as a problem while divulging personal information about themselves to another woman.

Of course, others saw this as an interesting and novel way to approach matchmaking, which is otherwise often a formal and intimidating experience. We are a non-traditional company so [we] have some unique campaigns that help us reach out to different audiences. In any case, he says, these responses were learning opportunities they have picked up many lessons from; lessons they will use for future campaigns.

Driving around Karachi you can see billboards not meant for clients but for potential captains. Next to it they have a picture of a clean-cut man looking mildly pleased with life. Thank You. Careem has lost their mind as much as I have lost hope from this world. This was actually creepy. Careem Karachi Rishta Taxi morning pic. Why would anyone want to go for a rishta in a careem? The only day I decide not to Careem, it starts sending rishtas.

Not fair. Khan CallMeJiaa July 19, Good news is that this service costs nothing additional to the original rent. CareemPAK — Ms. Follow Daily Pakistan Related Stories 1. Top Stories.


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