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New Trends And Colors For Modern Houses

Whether you’re looking for an entire home exterior redesign or just some subtle touches, these on-trend colors can add value and curb appeal.

Blues remain popular, ranging from navy to the soft sage shades seen here in this bedroom by Carter Williamson Design. Pistachio is also having a moment, bringing serenity to kitchens and mudrooms.

Black and White

During a time when homeowners are prioritizing areas of their homes with paint to update them, color trends that are livable and welcoming remain popular. Valspar’s 2023 color palette includes colors like Sage Brush, a warm greige with a hint of brown, and Sage Foliage, a soft green shade that feels fresh and modern. These colors offer a subtle moodiness that pairs well with neutrals and traditional finishes. They can even be used to create a layered color-blocked look that complements different materials and textures.

While tranquil greens and soothing blues dominated decorating trends in recent years, homeowners are now seeking richer hues that evoke feelings of power and enthusiasm. Color pros predict that reds will be big in 2023, especially in the form of classic shades like burgundy and marsala, along with bolder options such as raspberry blush. These empowering shades are ideal for pairing with other spirited colors, such as burnt oranges and deep violets, to create a bold color-blocked look.

Meanwhile, whites and off-whites are a stylish neutral color choice that works beautifully with both light and dark accent colors and wood furnishings. They also pair nicely with other neutrals, such as travertine and reeded glass, to create modern decor schemes that feel authentic and timeless.

Subtle interior paint colors like yellowish or bluish gray and off-white tones are popular choices for large surfaces, such as walls and room furniture. These color shades are also a good complement to other color trends, including earthy browns, soothing green and yellowish-green colors, and calming blues.

In contrast, black is another color that works well in modern houses because it accentuates wood furnishings and brings a sleek elegance to the space. While some homeowners may hesitate to use a true black in their living rooms, black can be a sophisticated color for powder rooms and entryways. It also adds drama to dining rooms and kitchens when used as an accent color or paired with a bolder accent wall.

In addition to these popular colors, Sherwin Williams’ 2023 color of the year is Universal Khaki, a versatile shade that can be used on exteriors or interiors. This muted gray has an LRV of 23 and offers a rich, warm neutral that looks great with natural elements, such as the tumbled travertine in this Utah bedroom by Grove Collective that was the most-saved bedroom photo on Houzz in 2022.

Contrasting Colors

If you want to add a bold and modern look to your house, contrast colors are an excellent choice. Bold colors such as red and blue can be used to create a striking contrast with neutral shades such as white or gray. In addition to these color combinations, you can use a combination of warm and cool colors for a balanced effect.

According to Sherwin Williams, one of the best choices for a dark exterior house color is Iron Ore. This shade is a bit darker than Peppercorn and is a great alternative to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. It is recommended to pair this shade with a white trim and windows. Another good choice is PPG’s Shadow Gray, a deep charcoal shade that pairs well with both classic and contemporary homes.

Sherwin Williams also suggests several shades that pair well with the new color of the year, Serenity. These shades include milky pastels and watery tones. You can also choose a color palette that includes contrasting hues like the Origin palette by Glidden, which features warm earth tones and healing green hues.

Another popular trend in color schemes for modern houses is using natural colors to complement wooden details. These earthy tones can bring a home’s design together and make it feel grounded. Moreover, the warmth of these colors makes the space feel cozy. The warm tones are especially welcome during times of political instability and economic slowdown, when people are seeking comfort.

If neutrals are too bland for you, you can experiment with brighter hues such as pink and violet. These colors have a feminine feel but can be used in a sophisticated way, such as in a reading nook or a master bedroom. They can be combined with a variety of decorative accents, including glassware, ceramics and metalwork.

In addition to the soothing greens, homeowners are also gravitating toward warmer shades of gray and beige. These colors are a great option for modern home paint color trends because they pair well with both warm and cool tones. For example, a turquoise-blue can match perfectly with beige and a rich red can compliment tan wood tones.

Natural Hues

With the growing focus on wellness and self-care in homes, nature-inspired hues are bringing fresh appeal to home exteriors. Earthy colors like olive, pistachio, and sage are trending for 2019. This natural palette works well with contemporary and cottage designs. For a fresh twist, try pairing olive green with a bold blue or tan accent color.

Shades of blue continue to rank high in popularity, with navy a standout choice. Blue’s cool tones are calming and work well with neutral shades that complement it. When paired with wood tones, it also pairs well with warm colors like orange and peach.

Blue is also an ideal shade for outdoor spaces, notably as siding or trim on porches and decks. Blues with aqua and seaside tones work nicely with wood and stone, and they can also be paired with white or gray for an airy feel.

The uplifting shades of yellows, tangerines, and pale purples that may have once sounded saccharine are coming into the mainstream this year. These hues are now infused with sophistication, allowing homeowners to embrace them in their homes with confidence.

Similarly, reds are moving away from the scarlet hues that defined past trends to more mature and subtle options. With both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams naming a red as their 2023 Color of the Year, these colors are empowering and reflective of a healthy mindset.

Another of the top trends in exterior paint this year is charcoal. This smoky neutral has gained serious momentum in recent years, and it will continue to stand out in modern design schemes. It can be used as a main house color for a clean and classic look or paired with black accents for a bolder style.

While many homeowners still prefer neutrals, others are taking a risk with a vibrant shade on their home exterior. A rich terracotta or a deep, earthy brown can bring a bold touch to a home’s facade and add contrast against the surrounding landscape. Choosing a dark color like Mountain Road, pictured above, can also bring warmth and character to the structure.

Wooden Details

Whether you’re considering a remodel or new home construction, it’s important to know the latest trends and colors to keep your house looking of-the-moment. Whether you’re opting for a bold color in your powder room or adding wood-look flooring throughout the home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these modern trends and add value to your home at the same time.

The desire for sustainability has never been stronger, with homeowners, builders and designers all seeking out long-lasting materials, water-saving features (inside and out) and products sourced and made in environmentally friendly ways. These eco-friendly options are incredibly durable, and many of them are also visually appealing.

In addition, a trend that we’ve seen in kitchens and bathrooms is a move towards more organic shapes, textures and finishes. Wayfair reports that the rounded forms and tantalizing textures of this style are known as ’comfortcore,’ a design trend that offers reassurance and respite.

The softer shapes and earthy tones of these designs are perfect for modern home decor, with delicate pinks, soft yellows and cozy browns working wonderfully as refreshing, new neutrals. The beauty of this design style is that it’s easy to add your own personality without sacrificing functionality and efficiency.

Adding texture to a space has become quite popular as well, with artisan-crafted elements like hand-hewn metals and wrought iron accents having an increased presence. This is in part due to the growing popularity of ’raw design,’ which is all about using natural materials and leaving their rough edges intact.

In addition, reclaimed and salvaged woods are being used in a variety of different applications and in new ways. Whether it’s in flooring, cabinets or countertops, this natural material is an affordable way to add character and style to your home.

The beauty of this design style is that it’s simple to incorporate, and you can even mix it with other trends to create a truly unique look. The key is to zero in on the styles and colors that truly resonate with you and your family. As a final note, the experts we spoke to all warned against relying too heavily on trends, as they often turn out to be short-lived.